"Time flies fast when we're having fun" is not only a quote by Albert Einstein but also a reality that the Titan Hunter Team has experienced so far. Looking back on 2022, we probably find it mind-blowing that we have reached so many milestones in just one year. The project had ups and downs as a part of such a reality. However, we managed to make significant progress thanks to your immense support.

For now, let us sit down together and review some outstanding achievements in 2022.

1. Acknowledgment

Titan Hunters has reached the 3rd position in Japan’s App Store, becoming the most-played P2E in Japan of all time. The game also became a viral topic on Twitter and Japan. It was also ranked 7th on DappRadar, becoming one of the most potential GameFi in the first quarter of 2022.

On social media, the game became a viral topic on Twitter Japan in March. Titan Hunters community has reached a number of 320,000 users, becoming one of the largest and most supportive fandoms in the GameFi industry. Not only on social media, Titan Hunters also made headlines on traditional outlets, and featured hundreds of times in 100+ international newspapers.

2. Big Events

2022 was a real feast of events for the Titan Hunters community. One to note is definitely Tokyo Game Show 2022, taking place on September 15, 2022. We successfully welcome 32,000+ visitors to our Booth at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan. What surprised us the most was more than 20 KOLs arrived to support our operation at the Booth. It was so heartwarming to see how much we are loved by the local community that much. Moreover, Titan Hunters also reached out to 160 businesses at the TGS 2022 venue. That was an important part of business development, helping Titan Hunters expand more and more to other potential markets.

Another highlight is Investor Rank, one of the most followed events in Titan Hunters. In total, we have awarded 3,000,000 $TITA and 1500 exclusive NFTs to more than 84,000 participants. What a feast!

It would be weird without mentioning the NFT Gear Giveaway on Coinmarketcap, which ended up being cleared in under 1 minute. That really showed how new users desire our special NFTs.

3. Product

2022 is also the official birth year of Titan Hunters, which had been carefully planned and executed. Titan Hunters was released exactly on March 31 2022 on both iOS and Android. It was a GameFi blockbuster that attracted more than 860,000 downloads in no time. It’s just astonishing that Titan Hunters was anticipated as one of the most successful GameFi in the first quarter of 2022!


When this article was published, 2022 was already over and 2023 had come to us. Through this recap of 2022 events, we Titan Hunters Team wants to express our gratitude towards you players/users for your long-lasting support. We could not have obtained these remarkable achievements without you guys.

In the following year, 2023, we will do our best to deliver the most refined product to you guys. Please remember that we still have a long journey ahead, and there is much room for development. Titan Hunters pledges growth and satisfaction.

Again, thank you all for supporting the Titan Hunters Project!