A new generation of Statue NFTs with Titan Hunters

A new generation of Statue NFTs with Titan Hunters

The game metaverses are ready for the next generation of NFTs — The current age of Statue NFTs is over! Titan Hunters is reinventing the NFT space with our upcoming Statue NFTs collection — a true revolution is unveiling before your very eyes!

Introducing: Titan Hunters Statue NFTs

Titan Hunters is on its way to reinventing Statue NFTs, and we are ready to show the world our first NFT collection. So what’s new about it, other than showing off to others, you might ask.

Unlike traditional Statue NFTS, Titan Hunters Statue NFTs have four utilities:

  • An in-game decoration: In Titan Hunters, these NFTs are decorative statues. You can place them in your home base and admire the mighty still-standing Hunters for eternity.
  • Boosting character’s power: If you have one NFT statue placed in your home base, your character will receive a RANDOM STAT INCREASE (Power, Agility, HP, Defend, Critical Rate, Critical Damage) according to the NFT’s rarity.  This power boost is PERMANENT in Titan Hunters.
  • A store of value: Given the scarcity and utility of the NFT statues, the demand will be extremely high. Later on, players can trade their NFTs on the Marketplace and profit from such action.
  • Bountiful daily rewards: Reward yourself with a handful of in-game resources at the Statue every day!
  • Stylish profile picture: Feeling prideful as a Hunter and wanting to spread awareness? You can be a part of our community by using our NFTs as your profile pictures on any social media! “PFP” here means the NFT can function as a profile picture.

How does Titan Hunters revolutionize NFTs?

Indeed, we are still in an early development stage for NFTs. Many people have attempted to create different types of NFTs. Typically, NFT scarcity drives NFT prices. However, scarcity alone is not enough. Instead, Titan Hunters introduces a new generation of Statue NFTs with multiple utilities. We are incredibly confident that our NFT collection will be a game-changer in the crypto industry.

Titan Hunters Statue NFTs versus other metaverse games

Currently, Axie Infinity is reigning in the NFT mobile gaming space. Axie NFTs are adorable but other than being used for combat purposes, most gaming NFTs have no value outside of the game. On the other hand, Statue NFTs provide an edge that only several gaming NFTs can offer.

For example, Axie Infinity’ Axies and Thetan Arena’ Heroes have their value decreased over time. You may wonder how, but these NFTs are examples of planned obsolescence.

In particular, Thetan Arena developers are designing NFTs with artificially limited useful life or a purposely frail design to become obsolete after a certain pre-determined period of time upon which it suddenly ceases to function.

Axie NFTs does not have the same issue as Thetan Arena has; however, the Axies’ stats and power are subjected to change due to developers’ influence (i.e., nerfs, buff).

Titan Hunters Statue NFTs are built differently: The benefits you receive are permanent. So, future Titan Hunters players should still be able to buy these NFTs (presumably from you selling) and reap the benefits.

Until other crypto projects start to recognize the true potential of NFTs, we believe that Titan Hunters have a first-mover advantage and set a new standard for metaverse video games.

Again, Titan Hunters NFT collection has superior utilities than existing NFTs in the market.

Are you interested in getting your hands on one of our exclusive metaverse gaming NFTs? Our first Statue NFT sale is commencing soon, so stay tuned!