Alpha Launch: A New Adventure Awaits — Part 1

Alpha Launch: A New Adventure Awaits — Part 1

The Alpha version of Titan Hunters is live now! We have prepared many exciting new features for everyone to try. Also, please keep in mind that this won’t be the final version of the game, and it will be within our expectations to encounter bugs and glitches. This article will show what you can expect from Alpha Version.

Now, let’s take a look at the main features, shall we?

Starting Area

“Home Sweet Home.”

The Starting Area is your Hunter spawning location, home, and resting destination. From here on, you can access the portal, storage camp, equipment forge, and the practicing range from the Starting Area. However, several buildings will be inaccessible (the castle, the skull coliseum, and the arcade building).

Practicing Range

There is a practicing range for you to experiment with your weapons. The practicing field is located near the western outskirt of the starting village.

To the north of the portal are the storage camp (left) and the equipment forge (right)

Equipment Forge — Summon/Craft New Items

There are two ways to obtain equipment via the forge: Either Crafting or Summoning.

You can easily find crafting material, Coins, and Gems, by battling monsters and Titans in Adventure Mode. Otherwise, Summoning can instantaneously grant you equipment at the expense of TITA tokens.

Tips: In the Alpha version, press F5 (or manually) to reload the page if you run out of TITA tokens. Doing this will completely reset the progress, so beware!

Storage Camp — Inventory Management

In the Storage Camp, you can manage your inventory and current equipment. Once you have obtained your gears, simply select one of the body slots and choose the appropriate item. Pay attention to the Gear Sets: If you collect enough parts of a set, you will receive a bonus depending on the number of correct parts (See below).

Elemental system

Your good ol’ Pokemon elemental system.

Every Gun of the game contains an individual Element: Fire, Water, Plant, Darkness, and Light. Depending on the element, the gun will be strong, neutral, or weak against particular Titans:

  • Fire, Water, and Plant work similar to the rock-paper-scissors but neutral to Dark and Light.
  • Dark and Light are strong/weak against each other.

Well, that’s it about the Starting Area and the Elemental System. You can now learn more about the second part of this update (please check the Navigation section below).


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Titan Hunters is an MMORPG game with an incredible voxel graphic style and crypto-friendly, simple but addictive gameplay. In Titan Hunters, players can become hunters to discover Titans’ exciting and mysterious world and participate in heroic battles against epic bosses for rewards. Hunters can play solo or team up with other buddies to collect materials from fallen foes and craft new gears to subdue even deadlier Titans. As an easily accessible but high-quality NFT game, we bring our players the best and safest environment via a free-to-play and invest-to-earn model for mass adoption.

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