Host: Hi everyone! It’s Pin again. Glad to announce to you guys that we gonna have an Internal AMA for now. And it's my pleasure to be the host for AMA today. The AMA will be on Titan Hunters Official Community: https://t.me/TitanHunters

Before we go straight into our AMA. Kind reminder to you that we will have 3 segments in this AMA.

1. Mainnet Update

2. Questions from our social media

3. Live Questions from our members

Allow me to introduce our special guests joining us

  • Vu Duy Tiep - the CEO of Titan Hunters
  • Hoang Thanh Nhut - Game Director

Guest: Hey guys, Glad to meet you.

I do hope that we will have a good AMA that can bring to you the most updated information about Titan Hunters as well as give you answers to most of the questions you guys’ concern.

Host: Welcome bosses! I have had interesting questions already from our lovely users. So, we can’t wait to see your answers

Guest: yes, we want to hear more and more questions from users to make all of you clear

Host: Great. And remember when you are done with your answer, please type ''done'' so we don't interrupt your answer. Let me know when you are ready for the AMA

Guest: noted.

Host: Good. We shall not keep people waiting anymore. Let’s go ahead to this AMA session now

First segment:

Host: As we all know; Titan Hunters just launched the Mainnet version. As CEO of this project, can you share the plan for acquiring 1 million users?

Guest: yes, it is our big ambition, big task but not impossible

You might know that we have more than 10 years of game development and publishing. So far, we have more than 100M users who have been playing our game.

We have plans to make cross-promotion in our games in combination with our other marketing strategies both in traditional gaming and crypto gaming to attract as many as possible users to Titan Hunters.

We do believe that we will reach a number of 1 million users in this month.

You might know that we have more than 10 years of game development and publishing. So far, we have more than 100M users who have been playing our game.

We have plans to make cross-promotion in our games in combination with our other marketing strategies both in traditional gaming and crypto gaming to attract as many as possible users to Titan Hunters.

We do believe that we will reach a number of 1 million users in this month.

Host: Alright. We hope it comes true soon

Guest: yes, just wait and see 🙂

Host: Next, as game director of Titan Hunters, could you share the time of new updates, bug fixes and notable features improved in the game? Nhựt

Guest: thank you for your question.

We have already submitted a new update version to the AppStore and Google Play Store. It might take a couple days for stores to approve then it will be available in stores for you guys to play.

In this new version, the disconnection issue and stuck issue during gameplay that were the main bugs are fixed already.

We are also polishing the In-game UI to bring users the best experience when playing the game.

Host: Wow. We believe the new version will be better than before.

Guest: yup, user experience will be improved significantly.

Second segment:

Host: Now we're going to the second segment. We're going to answer 10 questions from our social media

Question 1: https://t.me/TitanHuntersAnn/480?comment=166493

Is there any chance of seeing new features in the game that are not shown in the roadmap?

For example, a PvP arena mode or an extreme difficulty mode for best players

Guest: Sure, there is. New features are still being worked on and we’ll bring you many surprises in the future.

As you can see that this mainnet version still has some issues and, in this month, we focus on fixing bugs and collecting feedback from the community to improve the game. We want to give you a perfect game and best experience with some core game features rather than give you a game with many features but unpolished right now.

So please enjoy the improved version next week then wait to see other interesting things will come then

Host: Okayy. Really expect it. Hope your team always work well sir 🔥🔥

Question 2: https://t.me/TitanHuntersAnn/480?comment=166504

1) I think sustainability is of importance to players and investors, how is the dev going to ensure that there is a healthy reward pool and also a healthy burning mechanism without nerfing anything?

2) Can the developers release the rate of getting the materials for different stages of the main mode?

3) Is there a limit to minting?

4) Any staking and Vip features upcoming?

5) What is the developer's view? If they can choose, reward old and loyal players or reward new players?

Guest: 1. Totally agree with you, sustainability is very important in a NFT game. The rewards in the game are based on your luck, your skill and how smart your investment is.

We try to bring the reward models and human behavior in real life to the game. We believe that everything in real life is the best example in terms of sustainability that we should imitate in-game. Please play the game and experience our design of game economics to see how it is healthy by yourself.

Regarding the burning mechanism. You see that all of our NFT items have stability and you need to use TITA to extend it when it runs out. And if you want to fuse NFT items to upgrade their rarity, you need TITA to do so.

But the different thing in comparison with other NFT games is that when your NFT items run out of stability you still are able to play the game to get precious rewards other than TITA and join the investor rank to have a chance to earn TITA. We don't nerf you; our burning mechanism still gives you a choice to decide which ways that are suitable for you to earn.

2: The most I can say is as far as you proceed, the reward will be increased. Then you can experience our game on your own and challenge yourself too

3: Yes, there is limit to everything you earn, to keep the tokenomic not broken

4: We’ll have a Subscription pack soon, increase your energy capacity and more resource to gain

5: As a Game Designer, we always want to keep old players profitable, but also make the game easy to adapt to newbie users. Only by that our game can become a great game

I want to add a little bit to the last question: for the old and loyal players, we have a big thanks for trusting us, supporting us, and we want to reward them as much as we can, and I am terribly sorry for holders who bought TITA with the high price and now you are suffering the loss, we tried our best to keep the price of token but as market down so we hardly do something can help, I do hope that you will keep playing the game and time by time get back all your loss.

Thank you for the great words ^^ Let's bring our users the great game as we could and for new players, we want to reward them so that they are happy to come with us for a long time and introduce TH to other players to come and make TH community more growth and more big, the game only success if we have a big community and all of the user happy, right? some are happy for getting ROI soon, other are happy as they have an interesting game to play in their leisure time we will try to do that.

Host: Thank you for your answer bosses. We can see that you're really interested in users' concerns.

Wow. Very specific answers! Hope all these answers make you guys satisfy 🎉. Let's take a little bit of time to read for more understanding.

Alright, I will move to the next question

Question 3: How to know if I Can install the app? Actually, I cannot, si what IS blocked?

What IS the configuration minimum to install?

Do you Have a list of mobile compatible?

I wish I could play; I played the testnet with no problem so I don’t understand.

Guest: Right now, the devices with under 4GB RAM are not supported. But don’t worry, we are optimizing the game for 3GB devices and maybe also 2GB too. Thank you for loving the game, be patient and wait for us, and if you cannot play on your mobile. you can try to play in Nox player or Bluestacks ...

List of mobile compatibles is still being worked due to the large amount of Android devices; it should take us a little bit more time.

Please kindly wait for our support in the future. Thank you thank you.

Question 4: When you will be adding fuse system? Will we have dismantled system for bad stat items?

Guest: Fusion features will be added very soon. We want to make everything as clean as possible, and I think our gear system is more than enough for players to enjoy our game

Also, I think dismantle is an interesting feature, still we have to consider that carefully to make sure that our balancing is not broken when adding any new feature. Bad stat items can be used to fuse right? you will need a lot of it

Host: Fusion feature is indispensable in this game right. Hope it will be added very soon 💥

Question 5: Security is the weakness of any project. Anytime hackers can attack and create huge losses for the users and owners. In that case what steps did your project do to prevent this kind of attack? How do you control this?

Guest: This is a serious problem and I think that many people question too, we also have awareness about security problem. AS you can see, any game can be cheated, hacked, even with any big game in the world. So, our goal is testing and finding out the security gap in the early stage.

Keep updating, banning is the very best way to make sure that our users have the safest environment. We also have weekly meeting with others security advisor to maintain our stability

Host: Security is the most important thing in every game. Hope your team will find the hack in time to protect real users

Question 6: From a user - Any use for gold other than just upgrading and crafting?

Guest: Gold in your question means coin in our game, as said before in near future, we’ll update the fusion system to the game, Recharge the Stability when it runs out.

I know that currently, you have a lot of unused Coins/Gold, but don’t worry, you will have the chance to spend them to strengthen your hero soon, just save them now. as said before in near future, we’ll update the fusion system to the game, Recharge the Stability when it runs out.

Question 7: From a user - Will there be a solution for low graphics on Android?

Guest: We have already optimized for graphics on 4GB Devices. And to ensure that FPS drop/ flickering issues do not happen, maybe your graphics quality will be reduced a little bit. The lower will be optimized to ensure crash issues won't happen as our main goal. so maybe the texture won't be beautiful as higher devices

Question 8: From a user - Will there be fluency improvements for the servers?

Guest: Definitely Yes, we are optimizing and fixing bugs on the server. As you can see, it has been improved since the first day of release, and it will be improved time by time. It is the most important thing in the operation

Question 9: Do you have a solution to game compatibility with Android devices?

Guest: as I mentioned above, Due to the diversity of the devices on Android, it will take us a lot of time to fix compatibility issues. We are trying every day to bring you the best experience we can. So please kindly wait (don't FUD ^^) and wait for our game polishing process. head down to the work, we normally work from the 8 am to 10pm every day including Sat also 🙁. if our game has bugs, unreasonable in-game balance if any. Please feedback to us constructively, we will hear all and consider to fix or improve, the most thing we want is to give you the best NFT game with fun gameplay and chance to earn

Question 10: From a user - There is some problem to buy gems by play store before it left me now it rejects the payment?

Guest: Currently we have some issues with low internet connection in purchasing on Android. We are working to fix it. If you did purchase and were charged already but have not received Gems, please contact us and we’ll give you the best support we can

Third segment:

Host: Next, we're gonna move to the last Session of this AMA. In this session, we will unmute the chat for several minutes so everyone can ask our CEO and our Game Director directly. Then they will choose 5 best questions to answer

Q1- Have you fixed hunter rank? We didn’t receive the rewards correctly (green gems, blue gems...) how will you compensate for it?

Answer: Already fixed, and will be brought to you guys in the next version. However, we suggest you take in-game action slowly, just to make sure everything is fine with your items and your rewards

Q2- Can you do a weekly summary of how things are?

Answer: As scheduled, we will make an update version every 2 weeks and when each update version, if necessary, we will hold AMA like this to update you and answer all questions if any

Q3: When marketplace go online?

Answer: Marketplace are almost done. When we launch the marketplace, we want to ensure that amounts of items should large enough to look more reliable. you can import NFT to your wallet, just connect to our CMs to get the contract. We will announce the time of launching marketplace shortly, but you will not to wait so long,

Q4: Many projects have problems with UI / UX and this one turns off new users. How do you plan to improve the interaction with new users and with users outside the crypto space?

Answers: UI / UX is a big concern of any game, with every new user, we’ll have a full tutorial on how to play the game, how to use everything, and also how to earn. We’ll also make a full guideline book for crypto users, on how to use your NFTs in the most effective way.

Q5- Can you tell us about your team members? are they qualified and professional in their fields? what are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project?

Answers: Our members are long last experienced in the traditional game industry. I am personally a gamer. So, in every feature of the game, I want to make things the best of my possibility. Also, the qualifications for understanding many game mechanics, and how everything works are very important. I can assure you that there is no need to worry. Thank you

Q6: When is the co-op?

Answer: As said, we want to make the game polished with these features available now,

I hope that we will make everything clean in the next couple of versions then we will announce the estimation date of Coop mode launching, please enjoy the present features and stay tuned for updating 🙂.

Guest: we do hope that we will get enough revenue from selling gem on stores in order to that we don’t need to use other fund from project to cover the cost raising, yes, it basically we will use this kind of rev like that, I think that we cover most of the questions and your concern today, it is time to say goodbye to you 🙂

Many thanks for your supporting Titan Hunters and for spending time today with us

Host: We're so pleased to receive those needed answers bosses 🥰. It's useful for us to keep following the game. Hope all our answers today can make our beloved users more confident to go with us 💎💎.

Today Titan Hunters Internal AMA has ended. We are so proud to see that all of you guys are still really interested in the project