Announcing AR Challenge Winners!

Announcing AR Challenge Winners!

From virtual…

… to Reality!

That’s one significant achievement Titan Hunters and our Hunters community have accomplished in the past few weeks: Bringing Titan Hunters from the virtual world closer to our world!

A big part of this accomplishment is thanks to the massive contribution from the community. And now, we are announcing the proud winners of the AR Challenge. Please welcome,











Rewards distribution date: June 20th

If you are still curious about AR, here’s a few fact:

Augmented Reality: Make your life richer

Check this article for a detailed explanation. AR is not to be confused with VR (completely virtual)

Augmented Reality (or AR) is a term that has been circulating in the mainstream public lately. Despite all of the promise, it is only now, since the rise of powerful smartphone technology, that AR is finally a mainstream reality.

AR is the term used to describe an enhanced view of real life by overlaying computer-generated content. This computer-generated ‘virtual content’ can be almost anything – video, 3D models, dynamic web content – and it can be triggered by an image, a location or a combination of the two.

Who knows what is waiting for us in the near future? Maybe we can finally get some sort of smartglasses that can use AR anytime, anywhere. Maybe then, we can finally see Titan Hunters with much more clarity and life 😁.


Thank you all for participating in this little event. For now, the AR Challenge will conclude; though, you are free to use the AR Filter we made for sharing with your friends and family anytime!