April Spotlight

April Spotlight

It’s time for another monthly summary, fellow Hunters!

Below you will discover Titan Hunters’ latest progress in April 2022. Has anything changed, you ask? Of course, the game has made considerable progress in many areas! Before moving on, we would like to express our team’s gratitude to anyone, from our beloved Hunters, and booming community, to the fantastic and enthusiastic KOLs, for supporting Titan Hunters this far. Now, let us begin the review process!

Game Update - is $TITA making a comeback?

It’s already been one month since the release of the Mainnet, and Titan Hunters has achieved many critical milestones for such a new GameFi project on the mobile gaming market. In particular, the game reached more than 140,000 downloads on both IOS and Android platforms, which is very substantial to our original 1,000,000 download goal from the beginning. In addition, the daily active users (DAUs) are currently 56,000 players - a respectable figure that Titan Hunters achieved after one month of release.


In April, there were so many new and exciting events for the Titan Hunters community. One of which is the “Guild application program”, where we have welcomed more than 15 new guilds thus far. The Titan Hunters army is growing, indeed!

The second event that we kickstarter was “Review our game.” This event is where our team aimed to boost the game with positive reviews, and currently, there are more than 800 reviews & ratings for Titan Hunters. Again, though, we very much welcome valuable feedback & valid criticisms for the game, as Titan Hunters does not exist without its flaws.

April's third and final event was “Investor Rank” - an international arena for competitive $TITA Hunters. This month managed to find 100 proud winners, and they received up to 50,000 $TITA in rewards. Congratulations to all of them!


With Titan Hunters’ gaining traction to potentially become one of the best GameFis on the current market, our team’s popularity is spreading far and wide as well!

YGG SEA Vietnam Launch event

$TitanHunters, together with the GameFi giant #AxieInfinity made an appearance at the YGG SEA Vietnam Launch Event. YGG SEA is a reputable decentralized autonomous organization that officially announced its entry into the Vietnam market on April 22. The YGG event is the chance to network for promising projects like Titan Hunters, a link in a chain to create an enormous and sustainable digital economy in South-East Asia.

Thanks to the YGG event, we brought Titan Hunters closer to the people and found new opportunities to grow our community!

Our success story in the Land of the Rising Sun

However, the YGG meeting is not the only success story we wanted to share this month. In case you are not familiar, Japan has one of the most competitive gaming industries globally with a long history of video game production. #Nintendo, #Sega, #Capcom, and #BandaiNamco, are all legendary companies we admire. Therefore, it’s not easy for a gaming project to step into the Japanese market, and it is even more impressive considering Titan Hunters is a foreign title.

Yet, Titan Hunters has recently become one of the trendiest topics on Japan’s Twitter! The Japanese community praised Titan Hunters' captivating and addictive gameplay and the team's dedication to supporting users. Regardless, we are glad that our game is of service to many people. We will improve and provide a quality gaming experience to more gamers worldwide.


Well, that is all for 2022 April’s recap. On the one hand, Titan Hunters has impressed the public with its simple and addictive gameplay. On the other hand, our team still has many important tasks, including game optimization and bug clearing. So what will be the next milestone? Join us on a Titan hunting journey to find out!