(Closed) Testnet Tournament: Winner Announcement

(Closed) Testnet Tournament: Winner Announcement

Titan Hunters is here with another big announcement! Our team had launched the Testnet version and a massive event tournament for the whitelisted community. Whitelisted players enjoyed new content, participated in the events, and now, they can claim tons of rewards!

The Testnet Tournament took place from March 5 to March 19 with three big events:

  • Investor Rank
  • Capture the Legendary Boss
  • Share your thought, earn a lot

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone that participated in the Investor Rank, Capture the Legendary Boss, and the Share to Earn events. Shortly, we will be announcing winners for each category.

Investor Rank

Have you guys wondered why the Titans carry medals in the middle of the battlefield? That’s because they want to reward you guys in person 😈:

🥇 0x48cE3..............d1b089DF7079 : $1000 in TITA

🥈 0x95b1f5.............4cb0f106489Ab: $400 in TITA

🥉 0x87c2E..............EfCD81A73210: $200 in TITA

Jokes aside, you guys deserved it. Not many Hunters out there can take on a huge number of Titans, and it is truly commendable that the three of you managed to do so!

Capture the Legendary Boss

Congratulations, Twitter user @MetaUniFace, and Telegram user @cryptoayben

Capturing the Legendary Boss was no easy feat, yet you guys achieved the nigh impossible! The citizens in the world of Titan Hunters can rest easy now that there is no more imminent danger. They are rewarding each of you $200 in TITA, too 👍

Share your thoughts, earn a lot.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

That much is true, and we are incredibly grateful for anyone who has shared your thoughts, compliments, and complaints about the Testnet version of Titan Hunters. Please accept our humble prize of $20 in TITA:











🔔 Winners can claim their TITA after the game releases. We will announce the detailed instructions on our social media, so stay tuned!

That’s it, folks. Again, we would like to thank you for your participation. In the meantime, you can either play the Public Testnet or look forward to new events and updates from Titan Hunters. Keep your eyes out on the Stake to Earn NFTs event, as you can lock your $TITA in exchange for FREE. Stay tuned to our social media!

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