There is still sometime before the test-net event of Titan Hunters, so why don’t we have some fun before then. 😀 This is the Character Design Contest, where you and your friends can unleash your imagination.

Put yourself in the world of Titan Hunters, and think of the look, the outfit, and the expression your characters will have. A fearless, bavarian-like warrior holding a super-charged rifle? A sneaky sniper wearing a classy trench coat and a fedora? Anything will do, as long as you can use your creativity. And of course, your effort won’t be without rewards from our team!

Event description

There will be two periods of time: The Submission round and the Voting round. You can submit your character design during the Submission round and wait for the result during the Voting round.

The prize pool includes instant whitelist access to the Testnet version, 200 $TITA for those who correctly guess the 3-digit number. In addition, the most-voted character design will be minted into an NFT in Titan Hunters, with the “Rare” rarity level.


Submission round: Feb 22 - Feb 28

1. Design artwork of characters in Titan Hunters ( 2D or 3D ) ( Note: The design must contain Titan Hunters’ logo)

3. Share it publicly on Twitter with hashtags #TitanHunters $TITA #CharacterDesign

4. Submit your work: https://forms.gle/nHSh7aQn3yaNVp6L9

Voting round: Mar 1 - Mar 3

- Vote the best character among impressive ones that were selected by the Titan Hunters team

- Comment a lucky 3-digit number on the Twitter/ Tele post

( Example: Pic 1 + 123 )

🏆 Prize 🏆

- Contestants will join the whitelist for Testnet

- We will turn the character design with the most votes into an NFT that comes with the rarity level “Rare.”

- Users correctly guess the lucky 3-digit number will receive the 200 TITA each


-  Please visit the raw material for reference here: https://bit.ly/3h6lxFg.

Note: Try to follow the design materials above and incorporate the “square, cubic” graphic style that we usually have in-game. It will be easier for us to translate them into the game.


Well, we can’t wait to see what you guys can come up with. One’s thing for sure, though, is that this contest will be fun and require creativity. 😆 We will also keep everyone’s design for future reference, and when that time comes, we will reward the designer accordingly. Anyway, if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask us on social media.

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