As announced, we are going to organize a special “Event Party” for the Titan Hunters Community to celebrate the first anniversary of Titan Hunters. The Event Party will extend to the end of March 2023. Are you thrilled enough? Let’s check out this once-in-a-lifetime event!

What is the Event Party?

The Event Party is one of the biggest events held by Titan Hunters in 2022, even extending to the end of March 2023. The main focus is to acknowledge the contributions of the Titan Hunters community, including general users, KOLs, VCs, and MODs, to the achievements of Titan Hunters in the past 1 year. During the Event Party, we will publish amazing content, organize minigames and communicate more with our community.

We celebrate not only the past but also the future of Titan Hunters.

What will Titan Hunters do during the Event Party?

Here is the agenda for the Event Party, please take a look, and note it down so that you won’t miss any important information. The Event Party is created for you and for everyone in this Titan Hunters community!

  • November: Hold the private meeting with big VCs/KOLs
  • December: Release the new Lottery Mode
  • December: Release the long-awaited Co-op Mode
  • January 2023: Publish a special gift from Titan Hunters Team
  • February 2023: Acknowledge the contribution of KOLs, VCs, and Mods
  • February 2023: Who are the Titan Hunters?
  • March 31, 2023: Launch a new website

How to join the Event Party?

The exact info of each event will be announced on our official Telegram channel, official Telegram Group, Website’s Blog, Discord Server, Official CoinMarketCap profile and other social media platforms.

Please stay note the above agenda and stay tuned for more information! Don’t miss out on this special Event Party!