Everyone Can Be Hunters - Record Your Lovely Moments

Everyone Can Be Hunters -
Record Your Lovely Moments

Titan Hunter's popularity is spreading far and wide, and we are so glad to see that our game is well-received by many people. Our team truly appreciates the love and support you have for the game. Anyhow, this time, we are holding a new event to celebrate our blooming community - Everyone Can Be Hunters. Everyone? Yes. Friends, family members, colleagues. Heck, even your pets can be brave Hunters.

With a simple camera trick, we can turn everyone, everything in real life into the Titan Hunters! Read on, apply the effect, and earn awesome rewards!

1. How to participate?

1️⃣ Step 1: Click here to get Titan Hunters AR Camera Effect (It’s a filter, so no harm)

2️⃣ Step 2: Take a picture and/or record a short video of any memorable Titan Hunters moment you share with your friends, your family members,.. and add a sound effect

3️⃣ Step 3: Share the video on Twitter with hashtags: #Titanhunters $TITA #Hunters_Challenge and a description that expresses the theme of the event

4️⃣ Step 4: Submit your video in this form: https://forms.gle/95DHfGNhEagSSasn8

2. Rewards:

Our team will select the best video for each day. Each winner will receive 400 $TITA each.

3. Time

From June 10 to June 20

4. Evaluation criteria

There are a few criteria that we will take into consideration:

  • The placement is entirely your choice, but it must be visible on the screen.
  • The content must be family-friendly. No NFSW content, no black-mailing.
  • Use creativity to your advantage 😁
  • Additional graphic/stylish editing is a nice bonus.
  • The number of likes and shares

Now, let us commence the event. We are curious to see how many new Hunters show up after this 😁 Just make sure to respect your partner/friend's boundaries!