Fully Customizable Characters: Take control of your Titan Hunter

Fully Customizable Characters: Take control of your Titan Hunter

We all know that video game characters themselves are essential to the games they exist in. They attract players, mainly because they can allow people to role-play. Game designers are not only creating games; they are creating an EXPERIENCE. And video game characters are what will enable us to enjoy and live that experience.

At Titan Hunters, we want to create an immersive experience for the users. We want the players to exert their unlimited creativity in every action they do and how they look in video games. Therefore, we must understand what character customization is and why it is so crucial to a gamer's entire journey.

Character customization

Why is it so important?

Every gamer must have created their favorite video game character for the first time, and many may have fallen into the dilemma of choosing the best hair color and staring at the screen for hours.

Character creation is typically the first step taken by the players in preparation for a game. The result of character creation is a direct characterization that is recorded in the video game database. These recordings may be permanent or temporary; therefore, it is often the most significant milestone at the beginning of a game.

What do I do when I customize a character?

Typically in an MMORPG game, when making a new video game character, it is incredibly vital to pay attention to the following points:

  • Look – The look of your character obviously should be in sync with the game world, personality, and gamers' preference. Many players would like to suit up similarly to brave heroes, while others wanted to be fabulous in pink. Consequently, immersion will help a LOT with the player's experience since gamers always love a video game character they can relate to.
  • Stats – The definition and pinnacle of what makes an actual role-playing game (RPG). In traditional RPGs, characters' base stats are usually pre-determined at the beginning of a game and cannot be easily changed afterward. Therefore, players typically have to commit to the characters they created and stick with them for the rest of the game.

I don't want to be restricted in character creation. Any options?

At Titan Hunters, we believe that players should have the freedom to change how they look and how strong they are at every game stage. In particular, we don't want our Hunters to look the same as anyone else, and Hunters' base stats should be freely adjustable.

The question is, how?

Take control of your dream Hunter

We have carefully researched and developed how a character customization system should be in a video game. So let's take a look, shall we?

Engaging character design

Titan Hunters wants players to unleash their limitless creativity to customize the character and make every character into whatever they desire. So we created the Hunters in a primary and round, approachable shape for all ages and genders.

However, the secret recipe for a truly open customizable Titan Hunters is the equipment system.

Suit up the way you want

To fully unlock the players' imagination, we created nine different body parts which can be changed in any way they wish. Using the simple character design as a mold, players can equip Hunters with their favorite hats, face, armors, backpack, boots, and gloves.

Furthermore, you can swap any piece of equipment at all times. Is the armor not suitable for your taste? Have a look at Titan Hunters NFT marketplace, and you will see thousands of available armors, with varying appearance and power, for sale.

Change your stats and power up with skills

In Titan Hunters, your characters' stats are entirely dependent on the Hunters' equipment. Therefore, there is no more headache deciding which stats to allocate your precious points.

Do you want to increase the Power in every bullet you shoot? You can pick more Power oriented gears or combine complete equipment set to get a bonus. Do you also want to be a tank and protect your teammates from the enemy's attack? Then Defend, and HP-focused equipment is there at your service.

Changing stats is not the only benefit that comes with the freedom of switching equipment. Essentially, each gear will have a passive skill that is randomly generated from a collection of 20 passive skills. So, combined with the six gears in possession, players practically have nearly 40,000 possibilities when choosing a skill set!


Titan Hunters would love to introduce players to a simple, approachable way of altering their characters' appearance and abilities. The reason is simple: We value the creativity and freedom of our users, and we center our philosophy around that promise.