How will Titan Hunters persist in the bear market?

How will Titan Hunters persist in the bear market?

At the moment, we can see stock dumping, rising inflation, and food prices increasing. We are observing one of the worst performances so far in many markets since the global recession in 2008. There are so many things in the world that have led to the current situation we are in.

The tech sector, including video games, has been the most vulnerable industry because of the market downfall. Tech stocks like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and even Google are descending and losing almost 50% of their peak. Investors worldwide are withdrawing their investment in worries of the ever-increasing inflation, and the same goes for the crypto market.

Crypto in general or Titan Hunters, in particular, are just a few obstacles to the greater and scarier force that is known as the “bear market.” So you might think there’s no way that Titan Hunters can be affected by the external macroeconomy?

We are. But here’s the thing. We will not stop what we are doing, which is making video games that you’ve always loved and having fun with. That’s our root and our core value from the beginning.

Three important objectives

To persist in the bear market, we have set three most important tasks for ourselves regardless of the market situation.

Focus on game development

Developing new features for Titan Hunters consumes most of our time and resources within the company. In fact, we have so many ideas and plans awaiting to be carried out in the upcoming months. They are the essential updates but require the most internal testing time.

These features, however, will become a part of what makes Titan Hunters a GameFi ecosystem. We are planning, building, and integrating SocialFi elements into the game that allow players to interact with each other and even battle in teams. Yes, these features will take quite a while, but they will definitely be worth waiting for.

Focus on community

Seeing how our social media following explored in the past few months has prompted us to take more actions, such as refining groups and adding more channels (i.e., Discord), creating more activities, and updating more frequently. Our community managers have greatly helped us to help Titan Hunters grow this far, and our amazing members also contributed to the greater good.

We can see and acknowledge all of your criticisms, feedback, and compliments on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. The comments showed what the players need the most, and we consider them deeply. Therefore, to return to everyone’s expectations, we organize extra grandiose events with crazy new rewards for all to enjoy!

Focus on global expansion

Despite the current market situation, gamers always exist in every country in the world. We have managed to contact our friends from distant lands to look forward and promote Titan Hunters in their respective countries. For instance, Titan Hunters has taken initiative to work with global partners from one of the biggest gaming shows in the world, the Tokyo Game Show (2022).

The bottom line

Do we know when the market situation will get better?

Honestly, the answer is no. No one can predict the market, and we cannot go against the market.

Therefore, there is only one thing left for us at the moment. And that is caring about the game, the Hunters, and possibly YOU, the reader, if you ever decide to join Titan Hunters.

It is clear that after the bear market always comes the bull market. Historically, the American stock SPY 500 has always outperformed itself after every bear market, with new record prices breaking. Can Titan Hunters do the same? We are leaving that for you to decide.