In-game NFT items: Guns and Charms

In-game NFT items: Guns and Charms

Guns and Charms are the bread and butter of Titan Hunters. You cannot go into battles without using Guns. The Titans will not expect someone empty-handed either (unless that is what you want). In addition, the Charms will grant your Hunters some bonuses worth looking into as well.

In this issue, let us take a deeper look into Titan Hunters’ weapon and charm systems.

Weapon: Guns

“You seriously cannot fight us bare-handed.”

“Puny Hunters, all they have are these colorful little sticks.”

That is what the Titans and the mobs want you to think. The Hunters, however, never come unprepared. So let us show you around what we have in store, eh?

Understanding how Guns work

We have taken our time to thoroughly build an extensive and detailed weapon system for Titan Hunters. To make things easier, we have separated the visual representation into readable chunks in the diagram below (please note that the user interface might change in the public version).

From left to right, you will find five different sections, numbered from 1 to 5: Types of Guns (1), Types of Element (2), Guns Rarity (3), Level (4), Gun Stats (5). We will go through the individual section in detail:

(1) Types of Guns

In Titan Hunters, Guns are ranged weapons categorized into 12 different types, with each type coming with distinguished characteristics and playstyle. Guns consist mainly of firearms, rocket/grenade launchers, and other non-gunpowder weapons like plasma and laser rifles.

12 types of Guns include:

  • Assault Rifle: A general-purpose gas-operated assault rifle. It has good range, decent power, and good accuracy.
  • Burst Rifle: An automatic ranged weapon that fires 3-shot bursts of rounds with a slight delay between bursts.
  • Shotgun: A magazine-fed fully automatic shotgun. Fire bullets that spread in a cone pattern. Significant damage, but limited range.
  • Pistol: A sidearm that is held and fired from one hand. Fast reloading speed.
  • Dual-pistol: Similar to Pistol, but now comes in pairs and has reduced range.
  • SMG: A compact firearm that packs a punch. It has good short-distance accuracy and a high rate of fire.
  • Sniper: A bolt action rifle. It has an exceptionally long range, great accuracy, and good power.
  • Mini-gun: A six-barrel rotary machine gun with a high rate of fire. It deals great DPS (Damage per second) if standing still.
  • Grenade Launcher: A wide-barreled grenade launcher that lobs a specially-designed explosive projectile and deals area damage.
  • Plasma Shotgun: A shotgun capable of discharging lethal shots of ionized gas instead of conventional copper bullets.
  • Rocket Launcher: A rocket launcher that fires a massive explosive projectile. Exceptionally effective at killing large groups of relatively weak enemies clustered close together.
  • Laser: A directed-energy ranged weapon based on the latest invention in optics technology.

With a wide range of weapons, gamers can play around and find out what suits them best.

For instance, Shotgun projectiles will spread in a cone area with a limited range. However, the limited range is compensated by incredibly high damage at close range; therefore, it is perfect for a high-risk and high-reward playstyle.

Players with a more systematic approach can use Pistol. On the other hand, if causing mayhem is more of your way, then Rocket Launchers got your back.

(2) Elements

Every Gun of the game contains an individual Element: Fire, Water, Plant, Darkness, and Light. Depending on the element, the gun will be strong, neutral, or weak against particular Titans:

  • Fire, Water, and Plant work similar to the rock-paper-scissors but neutral to Dark and Light.
  • Dark and Light are strong/weak against each other.

(3) Rarity

In Titan Hunters, Guns have different rarity tiers, with the rarer items being more powerful and more challenging to obtain. The various rarity levels are often indicated by particular colors that allow a player to recognize the quality of Guns quickly (inspired by Diablo color-coded loot rarity).

Rarity ranges from common (white), rare (green), elite (blue), epic (purple), heroic (orange), to legendary (teal). At the same time, weapon power will increase accordingly with higher rarity.

By using the Fusion System, players can upgrade weapons’ rarity to the next level.

(4) Level

Level is a numerical attribute that determines a weapon’s stats, similar to rarity. In particular, the higher the level is, the stronger the item becomes. Players can increase a Gun’s level by frequently using that gun in battles to earn experience points.

(5) Gun Stats

Stats are numbers that determine how potent a weapon is in specific properties.

There are a total of six stats that players should pay attention to when customizing their Hunter equipment:

  • Damage: How much physical harm is caused to monsters by the Guns.
  • Accuracy: How accurate each shot is when fired.
  • Durability: How long does the weapon last before breaking.
  • Speed: The frequency at which a Gun can fire or launch its projectiles.
  • Range: The maximum distance that the weapon can deal damage to monsters.
  • Repair: Repairing speed of a Gun after durability reaches 0.

Note: The Durability/ Repair mechanic is similar to Magazine capacity and Reloading speed in other First Person Shooter video games. Your Hunter will automatically fix the weapon every time the Gun breaks down.

Practicing Range

When in doubt, there is always the practicing range for you to experiment with your weapons. The practicing field locates near the western outskirt of the starting village.

Accessory: Charms

Charms are the remnants of the Bigbang singularity that predated the universe. They carry mystical power that can aid in your adventures. For example, players can activate Charm and unleash unique and powerful skills:

  • Blazing Rampage: Summon fireballs that rotate around the Hunter and deal massive damage to nearby enemies.
  • Luminous Doom: Fire a barrage of projectiles that ricochet between enemies for a few seconds.
  • High Explosive TNT: Drop a TNT that deals damage in an area after a short delay.
  • Turret: Deploy a Turret that automatically shoots at the nearest enemies.
  • Shock Wave: Trigger a Shockwave, deal damage, and stun all enemies in the room for three seconds.


Guns and Charms are the cornerstones of Titan Hunters’ combat system. Every Gun contains individual strengths and weaknesses, so it is necessary to find out what suits you best. On the other hand, you can compensate for a weapon’s weaknesses by upgrading the weapon’s level, rarity, or even using Charms.

“You are not making this easy on me, Chick” - Chicken Hunters