Titan Hunters Internal AMA Recap

Titan Hunters Internal AMA Recap


Host: I'll be your host for AMA today! We also have special guests joining us today:  Vu Duy Tiep - the CEO of Titan Hunters and Hoang Thanh Nhut - Game Director.

Hoang Thanh Nhut: Hi everyone, glad to join with you guys again today

Vu Duy Tiep: Hi everyone, nice to meet you and many thanks for your support to Titan Hunters so far. Today we hope that this AMA will give you adequate answers to all of your concerns about the project

Testnet Update

Host: As we all know, Titan Hunters is still launching the Testnet version. As CEO of this project, can you share the highlights of the current Testnet Version in progress and catch up on some official game news coming this month?

Vu Duy Tiep: We are pleased to inform you that our users have been incredibly supportive of the Testnet version of Titan Hunters. With over 1000 downloads so far and numerous positive feedback, we are confident that the game has provided a complete package of enjoyment and adrenaline-filled action.

As we receive more requests to play Tesnet, we have decided to extend more than 1000 slots for Testnet. If you want to try our Tesnet version and have a chance to get a reward of up to $2000 in TITA, please register as soon as possible via the following link: https://forms.gle/dun2RyaR3RqQvaMV6

We are now working tirelessly to meet the Mainnet launching date. The Mainnet will be launched on both Android and IOS stores.

In the Mainnet, you will be given free of charge some Non-NFT guns and gears to let you be able to play the game without paying anything. We will also carry out a staking campaign, that you can immediately get NFT guns for free. We will announce more details about this campaign very soon.

Host: As you know, at the moment, the Testnet version is not available on IOS. Could you please be more specific about this? Will the iOS version still be released on the upcoming Mainnet?

Hoang Thanh Nhut: I'm so sorry that we can not give you the IOS version for this Tesnet. As you can see if you play Tesnet, we still have some bugs that are bad to experience when playing the game so we must fix them all and continuously update fixed bug versions to the store

However, IOS takes too long to approve each time we submit. So, in order to make the best experience for users, we decided to not launch the iOS version on this Tesnet.

If you don't have an Android device, please try to use Bluestacks/ Wakuoo to play the game on PC. You can read the guide as follows: https://t.me/TitanHuntersAnn/412

And as I said before, Mainnet will definitely be launched on both platforms IOS and Android.

Once again, Sorry and thank you for keep supporting us

Questions from Telegram & Twitter

Q1: From @tanmoy284910957 | Many games today set high costs to start the game & therefore start with a small player base. Does Titan_Hunters have an entrance fee or starting conditions & if so,what are they? Do I need to hold an NFT or hold a certain amount of tokens in order to enjoy & play the Titan_Hunters?

Vu Duy Tiep: As we have said many times, Titan Hunter is completely Free to Play. You don't need to pay any money to play the game.

But if you want to earn from the game, you should invest to own at least 1 NFT item. When you wear the NFT item on the character and play the game, you will receive TITA from the monster and boss.

You also get Medals from the battle to join the Investor rank. We will reward top Investor rank users each month with a prize worth thousands of USD. The prize structure of Investor rank will be announced at Mainnet Launch.

In order to get NFT items, you have many ways to invest.

First, you can play the game for free to collect coins and other materials. You can use them to craft non-NFT Gun and Gear, then you can mint such non-NFT items to NFT items. The cheapest fee to mint an item with a common rarity is 200 TITA.

Second, you can use TITA to summon NFT items directly. We have 3 types of chest including:

  • Immortal chest: 3 NFT items, prize of 1800 TITA,
  • Radiant chest: 6 NFT items, prize of 3000 TITA
  • Infinity chest: 9 NFT items, prize of 4200 TITA.

The rarity of items in chests will be random from common, rare, elite, epic, heroic and legendary.

Q2: From Никита(Gaba) | 1) How is the number of medals dropped out determined?

2) Does item level affect the number of medals dropped?

3) Why is the hero wearing all NFT clothes, and the number of medals dropped is 70 percent out of 100?

4) Will it be possible to buy boxes directly in the game?

5) Will there be an open (free world) where you can pass (study locations) regardless of energy?

Hoang Thanh Nhut: 1. The number of medals drop is based on the world you are playing, the further you proceed, the more Medals you earn everyday

2. No, the level doesn’t affect that, only NFT/non-NFT is the main thing

3. In this testnet version, you guys still cannot wear all NFT items, and some are still not released, such as Charm, Body,... so your drop is 70% is expected, and surely in Mainnet, we will deliver to you everything in our game

4. It is a NFT feature and would be more convenient to be bought on our website. But i also have a thought like yours, maybe we will try to do that in the future

5. Actually we have in our mind about what you said, but everything needs time for the best condition before sending that to you guys

Q3: From @jgnet2b | How long ROI can we expect ?

Vu Duy Tiep: The ROI will be based on luckiness when you summon the NFT chest and your skill.

As we design, the lucky guys can get ROI breakeven within around 10 days, but unlucky guy might wait 6 months to get ROI breakeven.

But we think that most users will get ROI breakeven around 35-40 days.

Remember about our investor rank feature, if your skill is good, you can get the top rank with a prize of a thousand USD so you don't need to care about the ROI, right?

I do hope that most of you here who unceasingly support us so far will be lucky guys and have quick ROI :).

Q4: From Diego | Playing the Alpha phase and now the TestNet I have been able to verify the importance of having good equipment to advance in the phases, taking into account that now you provide us with good equipment to test the game. What strategy do you have in mind for the less skilled player or player who doesn't have good equipment so that they don't leave the game out of boredom or frustration if they can't get the desired advance?

Hoang Thanh Nhut: Actually Adventure mode would be quite easy for players because our design is for casual players. Less skilled players can play the game comfortably when their equipment is strong enough.

Secondly, In this test net version, the difficulty is scaled up to mid-progress but not from the beginning of the game, so you are experiencing the game in the middle part - when the monsters are quite strong already. And if that is not easy enough, we also will have many more play modes, maybe a place for AFK players too, wait and see guys

Q5: From @Drifdan | 1. What will be the probability of each rarity in each chest?

2. What is the probability that a legendary boss will appear?

3. Wouldn't it be better to choose which NFT items you want to create?

4. What will happen when NFT item stability reaches 0?

5. Will the bosses in more difficult dungeons give more rewards or will it be the same as in the test where everyone gives the same?

Hoang Thanh Nhut: 1. As a professional game maker, Live operation is extremely important to work. It is our mission to listen to feedback during user experience to optimize and tune game balance so that some of the numbers won't be officially announced until the Mainnet release

2. That would be decided by your Gearset, you have the full legendary set? Most of the bosses you see will be legendary. You have only a few things in common? You can barely find one a day :D

3. We want our users to have a chance to experience the “Gacha” feature, one thing that is absolutely attractive for any type of game. Trust me you will find this more interesting when you create an unexpected wonderful item

4. You can't play Adventure when the Stability of the Gun reaches 0, you will have to recharge the Stability to use that NFT in battle again.

5. Of course when you put in more effort than others, you gain more rewards. More Gems, Coins, Medals, and Trophy for a stronger boss

Q6: From @tantran050 | how many tokens does the game have?

Vu Duy Tiep: We have only 1 token in the game, TITA.

Why do we decide to use 1 token rather than 2 tokens as most NFT games on the market now?

As you can see, in the other game, it is very hard to keep the price of the second token, it has an unlimited supply and when the user gets it as reward from the game, they normally sell them all. While the main token has very few use cases in the game, its price also always goes down as inflation through each vesting round.

So both user and holder will face a risk of declining the price

We think that with 1 token mechanism with many use cases in the game, the inflation of the token will be easy to control and the price of the token will stick more closely to the quality of the product. So the 1 token mechanism will be the best way to protect token holders and users as well.

I also see many people ask about the Tcoin. Tcoin is not a token, it is a bundle of coins that you can collect from the game. You can use TITA to mint some coin to be a Tcoin and Tcoin is a NFT item that can be traded on the Marketplace. Users without any NFT item can also get coins by playing the game and then earn real money through Tcoin. We will soon announce the fee for converting coins to Tcoin.

And Marketplace will come shortly after Mainnet launching

When you play the game, if you equip NFT items you will receive TITA. But if you want to use such TITA to summon NFT items or sell them on the exchange, you should claim them. Claim fee as below:

  • From 50 to 100 $TITA, claim fee: 40%
  • From 100 to 250 $TITA, claim fee: 20%
  • From 250 to 500 $TITA, claim fee: 10%
  • Above 500 $TITA, claim fee: 2%

Noted that you can only claim 1 time per day and You can only Claim if you have more than 50 $TITA

Q7: From Axel SIMON | 1) Can we see a leaderboard of medals inside the application?

2) When will we have information about the price of boxes, the content and the drop percentage?

3) It is possible to have true character information? (1HP for gear is not one HP for our character and we haven't Information about that)

4) Can we have information about statistics? To have more explanation about spell, damage, power...

5) The price to put a crafting gear into a anFT is always the same or it depend on the characteristics of the gear/weapon?

Thank you for your answer, the game will be perfect with bug correction 😁

Hoang Thanh Nhut: 1. Yes we can, at the middle right of Homebase, there is a building where you can see your Ranking, Leaderboard,...

2. Our Test net users can summon us as our price right now. There are 3 packs with the prices: 1800, 3000, 4200, containing 3-6-9 Gears. And about the percentage like above, we are tuning and the official probability will be shown in Mainnet version

3. We have considered this already, maybe we will add the real number on a side for the user’s convenience

4. Yes we are planning to put our formula on Whitepaper, which should be done in close future. Trying to make everything clear to prove that we put 100% efforts into this project

5. The price to Audit a non-NFT to an NFT equipment only depends on the rarity of that equipment, the higher the rarity, the higher the price.

In additional, this is the Building where you can see the Investor Rank LeaderBoard


Question 1: NFT item in game so special with passive skill and set skill. How about NFT item without good stats and skill? Any use case for NFT (trash) item and do you thing it balance born and burn item ?

Hoang Thanh Nhut: We have a fusion system, low stats, non-passive skill gear can be used as materials to increase the power of others equipment. Also Items can be traded on market too, you can sell/buy those suit your demand

Vu Duy Tiep: so none of the NFT items is useless in the game 🙂

Question 2:  I saw that there is a hunter rank in the game. How to get hunter rank and how to rank up? What advantages does increasing The Hunter Rank provide?

Hoang Thanh Nhut: Hunter rank works like system level in other traditional games. you will get Trophies defeating the bosses

Collecting Trophies will increase your ranking

And when Ranking up, you will get a lot of rewards

Vu Duy Tiep: You don't need NFT items to get Trophy

Question 2: why did you not charge TITA for energy to play further?

Hoang Thanh Nhut: We are working on an In-app Purchase system for the official Mainnet launch. You can subscribe to extend your Energy capacity.

And also we don't want to inflate the $TITA earning, so using $TITA for refill will cause boring gameplay, not very healthy for our game ^^

But we have calculated that everyone can enjoy the game for such a long time in a day

That should be enough

Vu Duy Tiep: I want to add a bit more

As said, we target million mobile users who are non-crypto and we want them to pay money in the game for fun such as extend Energy as Hoang Thanh Nhut said

This revenue is very healthy and we will use part of such revenue for crypto users so money from traditional users who play the game for fun will be distributed to crypto users who invest in the game and want to get ROI

We believe that this model will make our economy very stable and healthy, I hope that our answers will cover most of your concerns now

But if you have more questions or unclear needs to be verified, please feel free to post here we will collect and give you adequate answers later.

Thank you so much for spending time with us today and trusting in our project.