Earn up to 1.000.000 TITA and 500 exclusive NFTs with Investor Rank Season 3🎁

Earn up to 1.000.000 TITA and 500 exclusive NFTs with Investor Rank Season 3🎁

Ah, here we go again.

Investor Rank Season 3 is coming.

Titan Hunters is back with even more action for NFT holders.

The rule is still the same. But with new rewards come new challenges.

What’s new in Investor Rank Season 3?

Mega $TITA Reward

As usual, Titan Hunters will reward 1.000.000 $TITA tokens for the top 500 Hunters on the Investor Rank leaderboard.

Exclusive NFT Charms

The new NFT Charm - Throwing Stars will be available as a reward in Investor Rank this season, replacing the mighty Automated Turret in the last season.

Using the Throwing Stars will release dart-like projectiles and fly toward the nearest target. Upon reaching the target, the projectiles will anchor and continuously deal damage. The projectiles will explode and deal additional damage.

The remaining projectiles will seek the next target if the current target is eliminated.

New Challenger in the Arena Boss Mode

The CEO is back, and now he is…bigger?

Is he seeking revenge? Or does he want to teach us a lesson? No one knows.

We only know that he's carrying more medals than usual, up to x10. Collect the medals, and make banks in the Investor Rank leaderboard!

What is Investor Rank?

Investor rank is one of the main features in Titan Hunters. Players can compete with others, and according to the number of NFT items the Hunters carry in boss fights, they will receive a specific number of medals.

Collect as many medals as you can to climb the leaderboard. The top 500 best players in a season (usually last 1 week) will be rewarded with $TITA and powerful NFT charms.