Hello ladies and gentlemen, Titan Hunters is back with another episode of the monthly recap! January has already passed in a blink of an eye, and we have celebrated the Lunar New Year. So let’s take a look back at what Titan Hunters achieved last month in the meantime:

Game update

Titan Hunters game development is still going strong! IOS and Android users were able to test the Alpha Version with brand new features, such as the second adventure mode world, Hunter Rank, Upgrade and Fusion, and many more. For anyone who missed out on the latest update, here’s the download link:

IOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/XkTwED5K

Android: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/topebox.games.titanhunters

📌 Mobile Alpha Version release note: https://bit.ly/3IB4wie

Spring Tournament

There was no better way to kick start a new year with a series of events: Hunter Rank was an intense arena for the best Hunters to compete with each other; many tech-savvy and game enthusiasts joined the Bug Bounty program to find flaws in the game; Moment Capture is perfect for sharing players’ favorite aspects of the game in every nook and corner.

With that said, 14.8 thousand players have participated in 10 days of the Spring Tournament, and there were ten KOLs & community-made videos with more than 120K views.

Community Growing

The Active Hunter program has also attracted 2951 new users to join the Telegram community only after a few days of launching. In addition, we have discovered the 40 most active Hunters in the community: any contribution, the discussion is greatly appreciated, and we will reward constructive users accordingly!

Upcoming Events

A new NFT Sale is coming, folks! We are still having internal discussions about the details, but we will reveal the whole stuff when it primes.

Also, we are planning to release the Alpha Version on the Binance Smart Chain Testnet. Once the Testnet version is appropriately tested, then the green light for the beta version will be lit!


That’s it for the January Recap. We hope everyone has enjoyed the journey so far with Titan Hunters. And for any $TITA investors, we are all gonna make it! So stay tuned, and stay strong, and we will see you guys next time.

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