July is supposed to be the time for dazzling summer vacations, with everyone happily leaving behind the boredom of working and studying. But, do we also take a break from all the work? Not right now, as we developers at Titan Hunters are still dedicating ourselves to improving the game daily. And it is always time for another monthly review - July!

$TITA listed on CoinStore

On July 7th, Titan Hunters’ governance token, $TITA, was officially listed on one of the best CEXs - CoinStore!

Interested traders can explore the option here: https://www.coinstore.com/#/spot/TITAUSDT?lang=en_US

CoinStore’s mission is to deliver value to users and clients by building a world-class crypto-exchange platform that benefits users, investors, and listing project parties. As part of the crypto community, they strongly believe in collaborations with ambitious and promising projects.

With $TITA listed on CoinStore, the company has recognized Titan Hunters as a new leader in the blockchain gaming industry and a potential investment for crypto enthusiasts.

Verified by CoinMarketCap

The recognition streak did not end with CoinStore. We were delighted to see the Titan Hunters community blossom again, with CoinMarketCap giving us the stamp of approval (blue tick mark). What does this mean? It means that Titan Hunters’ profile account on CoinMarketCap is legit and acknowledged, and we are allowed to make official social posts.

Crypto researchers and traders can now glimpse Titan Hunters’ awesomeness via the CoinMarketCap website and see authorized comments in the $TITA token price’s comment section.

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Gameplay update

CEO Titan Slayer Mode

What’s better to start your day than fighting your own employer?

The CEO has wanted to start a fight with us for some time now. He simply had too much money at his disposal (and he didn’t have anywhere to spend them). And so, he found a solution: Challenge all the Hunters in a deadly 1v1 brawl.

If you win, you get all the loot, plus the medals (to be used in the Investor Rank). If you lose, the CEO spares you, leaves you the gems, and lets you fight another day. How cool is that!

Ladder Rewards System Update

After listening to feedback from everyone, we decided to change a few things:

  • Improve the reward content. Rare gems drop more often, which will help Hunters craft stronger Guns and Gears.
  • No more stop-in-the-middle chest opening scenes. We save everything at the end result screen.

If any Hunter still has problems with the latest Reward System update, feel free to tell us.

Event - A July to die for!

Investor Rank Season 2

$TITA Investors rejoice! The second season of Investor Rank was a stunning success. This contest of arms and wits attracted over 12.000 contestants worldwide, with only 500 most elite Hunters making it to the leaderboard.

As a reward, 500 Rapid-fire Turret NFTs and 1M $TITA tokens have been distributed to the rightful winners of the contest. We hope these advanced automated turrets will be helpful for our Hunters in future Titan hunting journeys.

Giveaway on CoinMarketCap

Titan Hunters being recognized on CoinMarketCap deserved a celebration, and we really did! More than 600 hunters have joined and celebrated the birth of a new community, which will be Titan Hunters' new bastion for sharing game updates and uplifting news on CoinMarketCap.

To make this more memorable, we did a giveaway of 100,000 $TITA for 500 lucky participants!

Video Reviews

Videos can show the best of Titan Hunters to the world at large. Our little game has been featured in more than 76 videos only this month on various social media platforms. This figure has shown how vital video marketing really is. As a result, we have decided to add a “video review” section on Titan Hunters’ website.

You can share your friends, family, coworkers, … Titan Hunters in all their glory!


Thank you all for sticking with Titan Hunters so far. Titan Hunters is fast approaching a year old, and we couldn’t do it without your contribution. We will stay here and refine Titan Hunters into perfection, and we hope that you will be a part of it!