June was a scorching hot month. But so does our passion for Titan Hunters!

There are so many things to unpack, but we will go over what Titan Hunters achieved in the last month, including the multiple partnerships transforming us into a true GameFi incubator. In addition, June was also the month of festivity! Lots of events, lots of fun, and tons of rewards.

Let’s start the monthly review!

Acknowledgment - Featured in DappRadar

On June 10th, DappRadar featured #TitanHunters as Rank #7 in the Gaming Category!

DappRadar is the starting point for Dapp discovery, hosting 11451 Dapps from over 48 protocols, offering comprehensive NFT valuation & portfolio management, and leading the way in data-led, actionable industry reporting.

This was a fantastic achievement. Can we reach even higher rankings? Absolutely.

Partnership - Becoming a True GameFi incubator

In June 2022, Titan Hunters accomplished notable tasks: cooperating with other GameFi and international crypto gaming guilds. World of Masters - the first Jinyong-inspired martial art blockchain video game in Vietnam - managed to host an INO on Titan Hunters, with hundreds of NFTs sold on both platforms. Japan Gaming Guild and Sakura Guild Games - two of the biggest crypto gaming guilds in Japan - also partnered with Titan Hunters to expand the scholarship program and prove credibility in the Japanese market.

These tasks above, however, only served as the stepping stone for Titan Hunters to become a true GameFi incubator. There will be more new and promising projects that we vow to incubate and collaborate with.

Event - A June Full of Festivity!

THREE EVENTS! That’s triple the usual fun!

World of Masters INO

At the beginning of June, we celebrated our partnership with World of Masters by organizing the first Initial NFTs Offering. More than 300 NFT boxes were sold, and more than 1.500 people registered for the whitelist!

AR Challenge

After that, we created our first AR Challenge ever. This event marked the first time the Titan Hunters crossed from the virtual world to our real world! By using the AR filter (on Facebook), more than 260 users helped Titan Hunters go to the coolest locations in the world. To compensate for everyone’s effort, we distributed more than 4000 $TITA in prizes for winners!

Speed Run!

And finally, we organized the first Titan Hunters speed run event - The “Grind The Stage”! In case you don’t know, speed run depicts a mini-competition where gamers would try to clear a video game in the shortest time possible. As for Titan Hunters, the rule was to clear the first dungeon - Copsewood - in the shortest time. Among 180+ participants, we found the five fastest Hunters who passed Copsewood at just around the four-minute mark!


Thank you all for sticking with Titan Hunters so far. We truly appreciate your effort and time spent on our game, and it’s just pure joy to know that many of you are having fun (and sometimes frustration, too, but we are working on the bad stuff 😁)