[Lootboy x Titan Hunters] Full Interview Recap

[Lootboy x Titan Hunters] Full Interview Recap

Howdy, our valued Hunters! If you’ve followed us this far, you must’ve known about Lootboy, the latest partner of Titan Hunters. As one of the most trusted games listing & deal selling sites in Europe, Lootboy shows deep interest in expanding their domain to the GameFi industry. Meanwhile, Titan Hunters has been planning to reach more traditional gamers. That’s why the handshake between Lootboy and Titan Hunters would be a turning point for both projects.

Why did we kick off this partnership? What is our common vision and mission? What are we going to do together? All of those questions will shortly be answered in this interview between Titan Hunters and Lootboy.

Let’s start reading to see what our passionate friend Lootboy’s going to say!

1. Why did you partner with Titan Hunters?

LootBoy: We first came into contact with Titan Hunters at the Tokyo Game Show back in September. The welcoming team atmosphere, detailed explanation by the staff and most importantly fun, mass-market compatible gameplay mechanics made the difference.  On top LootBoy was searching for a few selected partners to gain a foothold in the future of gaming, namely web 3.0, blockchain and NFT, so Titan Hunters was a very safe bet.

2. Which feature of Titan Hunters impressed you?

LootBoy: The answer is simple. The game's hybrid approach of Free2Play and Invest2Earn makes absolute sense at this early stage of blockchain gaming as it is important to keep the door open for as many potential players as possible and this feature has impressed us the most.

3. What criteria do you give to choose the best NFT game projects for the partnership?

LootBoy: Simplicity, mass-market appeal despite still being an overall niche in gaming and most importantly a dedicated and cooperative team behind the project are the criteria we are looking at very carefully when it comes to new partnerships.

4. How do you think Titan Hunters can revolutionize gaming?

LootBoy: That's hard to tell as we are all still in the early stage of blockchain gaming. At the end of the day, it comes down to having a continuously evolving great game. This works best when the Titan Hunters team listens closely to its ever-growing community of dedicated gamers. The roadmap is there and many great things can be expected!

5. What are your expectations from Titan Hunters in the future?

Lootboy: A long breath in the development of the game itself and amazing marketing efforts all over the world like the one with LootBoy in order to continuously grow the community of Titan Hunters. We at LootBoy are glad to be a selected partner on this journey. Thank you Titan Hunters and to the future!


As you can see, our friend Lootboy has a relatively clear outlook in blockchain gaming. Just like Titan Hunters, Lootboy aims for long-term development, product quality and most importantly, an active and healthy user community. Given the conditions, that's the safest path for both projects to grow.

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