Titan Hunters March Spotlight

Titan Hunters March Spotlight

Welcome, welcome, everyone.

Thank you for checking in Titan Hunters’ recap for the third month in 2022. We cannot express how much our team owns it to you guys regarding your enthusiasm and support for our game. March has been a rocky month for us with many ups and downs, and we would like to share with you how our journey has gone so far. Shall we start, then?

Game Update

March 2022 marks two critical updates for Titan Hunters, from the Testnet update to the most recent Mainnet update. Testnet update added the incredibly-important feature Invest2Earn to the core gameplay, and the community had well received it. In addition to the NFTs, Testnet also features a new dungeon and a new weapon (Grenade Launcher)

However, when it comes to the Mainnet, things haven’t sailed very smoothly. It is our fault that we haven't provided you with a free-bug official version. However, our team is working full-speed to address the problems and ideally should bring everything back within working order in 1-2 weeks. For that reason, we would like to apologize for any inconveniences that you may face in the next couple of weeks.

Again, we are asking for your patience. We genuinely did not expect the margin of errors to be this critical.


The following are several statistics to prove that our team is pushing the marketing campaign in multiple directions:

The biggest Airdrop ever: 1,000,000 $TITA in total

Public Testnet:

  • Four big events with a total reward of $4000 in TITA
  • More than 38,000 players on iOS and Android
  • More than ten videos from KOLs

Stake $TITA for free Gun NFTs

  • Only 610 available chests
  • Run out in 1 day

TITA-BUSD LP Staking Program: up to ~10,000% APY

The airdrop campaign was among our most successful marketing strategies since it attracted many new users to Titan Hunters (metrics in the next section). Regarding the Testnet events, we have made considerable progress in showing players the core earning mechanics of the game via competitive activities while rewarding them for doing so.

Thirty-eight thousand players is not a small number and can be considered an achievement since the Testnet was not the official Mainnet release. Many KOLs have also supported Titan Hunters with review videos full of constructive criticisms.

As for the $TITA and LP staking programs, we have successfully granted users opportunities to get their hands on the best NFTs at a nominal cost. Once the official release is up and running correctly, you should have no difficulties raking yourself in $TITA with the NFTs 😎.

Social media metrics

Get a feel of the Titan Hunters community with the impressive growth we have experienced in the last month!

  • Telegram: 130,000
  • Twitter: 139,000
  • Discord: 38,500
  • Youtube: 11,500
  • Facebook: 16,300

Strikingly positive results for our marketing effort, don’t you agree?

Anyway, this is only the beginning of the journey with Titan Hunters. We assure you that our team is doing our best to give everyone the most satisfying NFT-gaming experience. Thank you for your support!