Meet The Champions

Meet The Champions

The second season of Investor Rank has ended in glory and riches, but what else had it left for all of us? Our new heroes, of course! The brave, courageous Hunters who dared to rise up and fight against the evil Titans and even challenge the CEO Titan Slayer himself.

Guess what?

On July 29th, we will have our chance to meet up with our heroes, close and personal! We will have a small Q&A session, and to top it up, there will be a giveaway afterward.

Detail & Summary

Top players of the Investor Rank season 2 are sparing their free time to have a live Q&A session with the community members. This live session is a great opportunity for everyone, including new players or even seasoned Hunters, to learn and share their experiences with the best.

⏰ Time: 11:00 UTC on July 29th, 2022

📍 Venue:

📕 Agenda:

  • Part 1: Q & A Session. Ask and receive answers
  • Part 2: Give away


🎁 Reward: Up to 20,000 TITA

Each champion will pick a lucky two-digit number. This number will be kept secret at the beginning. Then, each community member must check their UID's last two digit numbers.

If the champion’s lucky number matches, then that member will become the winner.


Curious about the best Hunting strategy? How to finish the run as fast as possible? Find your answer with the Investor Rank champions!

See you later!