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Mega GTITA and NFT BuyBack before update!

Mega GTITA and NFT BuyBack before update!

We are excited to announce a significant development that marks a pivotal step in enhancing our game ecosystem. All GTITA tokens and NFTs are being bought back to reset the game economy for new updates. 

What’s Changing? 

  • Buyback Price: GTITA and NFTs are purchased in USDT at the current TITA price of $0.0006666. 
  • NFT Valuation: The buyback value for each NFT will be calculated based on the amount of TITA used to audit it and its stability. ((amount of audited TITA* stability left)/ 900) * 0.0006666 
  • NFT Usage: All existing NFTs will remain active, allowing players to keep earning rewards until the game update goes live.  
  • Conversion: After the game update, old NFTs will be converted to non-NFTs. However, these can be re-audited to become NFTs, with a significant discount compared to the standard audit price. 
  • Effective Date: The claim portal will open from May 29 to August 31.

Note: Those who engage in refunding in-app purchases or attempt to hack or cheat aren’t eligible for the buyback program. 

Why Does This Initiative Matter? 

This buyback program aims to stabilize the in-game economy. These changes will pave the way for a more robust and rewarding gaming environment, providing both immediate benefits and long-term value for our dedicated community. We appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm as we embark on this exciting new chapter.  

🌐 For more details and updates, please follow our official channels and stay tuned for further announcements. 

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