Titan Hunters is fast-tracking to become the most successful NFT metaverse game of 2022, and we are launching a fantastic marketing campaign to do so. And indeed, we will need your help! This is your chance to leave a review on Titan Hunters and get some $TITA in return. Yes, we are trying our best to make the game as fun, bug-free, and addictive as possible for everyone. And by showering the review with positivity, other gamers can find the hidden gem that is known as Titan Hunters!


📌 Step 1: Play the game. The more time you spend playing Titan Hunters, the more you know about the game. If possible, please try to use all the available features in the game, including using NFTs to earn $TITA.

📌 Step 2: Depending on your devices, choose and click a link below to redirect to Titan Hunters product page on Play Store/ App Store. Then, please leave a rating and a review for the game.

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Reward: 4000 $TITA

- Your contribution to Titan Hunters reputation will be well compensated. We select 10 best reviews per week. Each winner receives 100 $TITA‌
‌Note: We will announce and distribute the reward each week


- The review campaign will start on April 15 and end on May 13

Review evaluation criteria

- We have a few criteria when it comes to evaluating the best review:‌‌

⭐ 1 star = 1 point -> 5 star = 5 points. Good review requires a big brain strategy, folks! The more stars rating you give to Titan Hunters, the more points you have toward the evaluation total.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐‌

🎨 Artstyle = 5 points. Tell us what you think about the in-game graphics and any performance issues you face.‌

🎮 Gameplay = 5 points. Anything that is related to gameplay mechanics, such as Guns/Gear balance, monsters/Titans difficulty, puzzle selection.‌

📈 Economy = 5 points. The implementation of NFTs in Titan Hunters, $TITA earning, material drop rate, bosses drop rate, etc. Tell us everything economy-related here.‌

Note: Please give Titan Hunters a positive and constructive review. Ideally and theoretically you can get 20 points for your review!