Howdy, our brave Hunters!

The day you are longing for finally comes! Here is Version 1.0.7 with tons of new content and improvements. Everything is just getting started. After the patch 1.0.7, many other BIG FEATURES are coming this June.

1. NEW WORLD: ABADDON is accessible now!

The world of Abaddon is the land of eldritch abominations, pain, and horror. It's vastly different from the old Dungeons, and is considered a heaven for true farmers.

Never underestimate the enemies. Equip the right Elements and get ready to face pesky Titans.

2. NEW WEAPONS: Rocket Launcher is ready!

This big boy shoots deadly explosive projectiles, which is able to destroy hordes of Titans with devastating power.

3. NEW EXCLUSIVE CHARM: Rapid-fire Turret is in service!

The turret stays stationary and shoot the nearest enemies, which makes a great sidekick on your expedition

The new version is gonna challenge you seriously! Don't forget to get yourselves armed to the teeth before slaying Titans!


🤖 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=topebox.games.titanhunters/

🍎 IOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1448353176

đź“Ť About Titan Hunters

Titan Hunters is a mobile game that combines NFT features and the MMORPG genre with eye-catching pixelated graphics. The game, developed by game studio Topebox and incubated by Rikkei Capital, was released on March 31 on App Store and Google Play. In just one month, Titan Hunters has achieved its first success: 200,000 downloads and almost 70,000 active players everyday. The game has also got hyped to the moon in the Japanese market: Ranked 3rd in Japan’s App Store, went viral on Twitter Japan and appeared in 50+ big Japanese newspapers. In mid-May, Titan Hunters officially became a GameFi incubator, taking an evolutionary step to build a massive blockchain ecosystem in near future.

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