The internal AMA took place on Discord with the participation of two champions Wolfman and Soiyasa_fibo on Friday, July 29, 2022. The two took time to share their thoughts about Titan Hunters.

With respect to the huge reward pool, Soiyasa_fibo admitted he felt accomplished and fulfilled, especially since he got a Legendary Turret. Wolfman was very satisfied to receive his rewards. "I was more excited about the NFT, but getting the bonus $TITA for a prize was an awesome kicker", said the champion.

When asked to share some tips & tricks to gain the best rankings. Wolfman said he had a light pistol, and a combo of high power and crit rate stats while using front, diagonal, multi, wall bounce, piercing, and berserk. The champion also suggested people learn the bosses' attack patterns, and recognize when it's time to move or use charm.

Meanwhile, Soiyasa_fibo figured out that the faster you defeat an enemy, the more points you get, thus he focused on maximizing the damage inflicted per unit of time. The champion shared best practices: (1) Raise the amount of damage per shot as much as possible. (2) Increase the number of bullets fired at once and hit the enemy with all the bullets. (3) Increase the rate of rapid-fire.

The two proceed to share about their securing the next championship. While Wolfman said he will be aiming for the top 3 again, Soiyasa_fibo was confident that he will win and do his best to stay as high up in the rankings as possible.

The AMA ended with the up to 20,000 $TITA airdrop. The champions randomly chose 4 numbers: 36, 01, 69, and 11, which called the names of four lucky winners. The rewards were distributed to the winners!

What do you feel about the AMA and Investor Rank Season 2? Please let us know in the comment section!

And don't forget to gear up and stay tuned for Investor Rank Season 3 on August 8!

About Titan Hunters

Titan Hunters is a mobile game that combines NFT features and the MMORPG genre with eye-catching pixelated graphics. The game, developed by game studio Topebox and incubated by Rikkei Capital, was released on March 31 on App Store and Google Play. In just 3 months, Titan Hunters has achieved its first success: 500,000 downloads and over 100,000 active players every day. The game has also got hyped to the moon in the Japanese market: Ranked 3rd in Japan’s App Store, went viral on Twitter Japan and appeared in 50+ big Japanese newspapers. In mid-May 2022, Titan Hunters officially became a GameFi incubator, taking an evolutionary step to build a massive blockchain ecosystem.