The Team Behind Titan Hunters

The Team Behind Titan Hunters

Seeing the neverending waves of NFT games published in recent years, we saw various attempts of creating a successful game, yet most ended up unattended and short-lived. We just knew we wanted to make great games that people would play for years.

We believe that when talented people have creative freedom and work together, they will make extraordinary video games that achieve the unexpected and move the industry forward. To do so, we would create a new kind of gaming company.

And thus, in the summer of 2021, Titan Hunters was born.



Since 2008, Tiep has been making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources, acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors and corporate operations, and being the public face of many different companies. He is also the CBDO of Topebox and was the co-founder of Horus VR and Gamebank. In 2021, he became the CEO of Titan Hunters.


Creative Director

Nhut is the Creative Director of Titan Hunters, with over nine years of experience in the game design industry. He has participated in the production of many high-quality game products on many platforms such as iOS, Android, and consoles. With Titan Hunters, Nhut expects to envision a casual yet refined in the hands of a passionate team, a game that everyone can play.

Art Director

Y (pronounced “ee”, not “why”) is the Art Director of Titan Hunters, with three years of experience in the graphic design industry and more than five years of experience in mobile game production, creative management, and visual development. He has also worked on the production of many console games and movies under the Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) team. The enchanting world of Titan Hunters inspired by Minecraft’s voxel graphic is one of Y’s works.



As the CTO of Titan Hunters, Quan oversees the company development policies and procedures and uses technology to enhance products and services. He is also a game developer with a focus on the Unity game engine and made use of his experience to develop Titan Hunters.


Game Advisor

Liem is the Game Advisor for Titan Hunters and the founder and CEO of Topebox. He is tasked with finding the latest technology to keep the company up to date with the industry. With Titan Hunters, Liem has recognized the potential of NFT gaming, adopted the technology, and implemented it in the company project. He aims to set Titan Hunters apart from the mobile gaming industry, embrace novel ideas and tackle the industry problems.


Executive Advisor

Truong — a seasoned software and blockchain entrepreneur — is the Executive Advisor of Titan Hunters. Considered a veteran with multiple blockchain projects, Truong has built the foundation for Titan Hunters, thus venturing into the growing NFT gaming industry. Other than Titan Hunters, he was the block founder of Icetea Labs (, PolkaFoundry (, Red Kite launchpad (, and many other blockchain projects.


Business Advisor

At Titan Hunters, Tung has worked as a strategist who works with the company to help with planning, finances, marketing, and even development. In addition, he has used his expertise where needed and spent time researching the areas where Titan Hunters can grow the most.


Marketing Advisor

As the Marketing Advisor at Titan Hunters, Lars has created detailed marketing plans, determined the company’s marketing message, and identified the appropriate marketing mix to get the message out to the target market. Lars is also the Co-Founder of Evangelion Capital and Social Staircase, on board as an advisor to DeRace, and he has been advising many blockchain projects.

About Topebox:

Topebox development team is behind global smash hits like Sky Dancer (Top 1 Game in US & China; Acquired by Bytedance for publishing rights in China; Google Play Editor Choice; and Best Indie Game by Apple) and Gun N Dungeons (incoming Hit Game with backing from Miniclip, a Tencent-owned European game publishing powerhouse with over 1 billion app downloads).

About Rikkei Capital:

Rikkei Capital is a premium venture capital from Vietnam. The VC is known for incubating potential projects such as GameFi, RedKite, RiFi, HeroVerse and recently, Titan Hunters. Rikkei Capital has also established a network including several influential VCs and DAOs. Titan Hunters, backed by Rikkei Capital, promises sustainable growth, transparency and security.

More information about Titan Hunters:

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