The World of Titan Hunters — The Next Giant in NFT Gaming

The World of Titan Hunters — The Next Giant in NFT Gaming

NFT Games have been taking the spotlight for the past months in the blockchain space, and for good reasons. The idea of combining games and finance is a concept that should thrill almost any gamer. The dream of playing games and earning money has been around for a while, but 2021 might just be the year Play-to-Earn games start going mainstream with titles like Titan Hunters.

The World of Titan Hunters is friendly, inviting, and perfect for players of all ages with a Lego art style reminiscent of Minecraft and Roblox. So for those of you who’ve played Minecraft Dungeons, get ready to meet its next biggest competitor.

What is ‘Titan Hunters’?

NFT gaming has dominated the blockchain space since the beginning of this year, with the number of new games reaching new peaks every month. So what makes Titan Hunters stand out of the crowd?

Built by young gaming enthusiasts, Titan Hunters looks to bring the fantastic world of NFTs to mainstream mobile players. The game is designed to be simple, fun, and addictive, which can be played everywhere, at any time, and is accessible to people of all ages.

Our leading philosophy is to create a game that keeps players constantly challenged and thrilled. Therefore, Titan Hunters offers a rich world of gaming experiences. The game will come with a voice communication system, beautiful graphics where you can show off your unique equipment to your playmates, or even guide your team with your own style and grow your squad strength. Every item in this game is unique, and you are free to unleash your endless creativity.


Titan Hunters takes the dungeon crawler to a new level, from Diablo to Monster Hunter by focusing more on boss fights. Together with your buddies, you will hunt down a plethora of monsters with distinct behaviors and deadly ferocity in a never-ending land, in which every beast and area has its own distinctive features. You will earn different materials with different monsters, go back to your base and craft gears to upgrade your character’s stats.

Titan Hunters Tokenomics


The Titan Hunters universe is built around $TITA, a BEP20 token. This token provides users with a wide variety of capabilities, including:

  • Minting NFT items
  • Auditing collected game items (Turning them into NFTs)
  • Staking (For more ways to earn)
  • Voting rights (Help guide the future of Titan Hunters)
  • Purchasing NFT items in the Marketplace

$TITA is the primary token of Titan Hunters and has a maximum supply of 1 billion. The token is used as the primary intermediary between the cryptocurrency market and the game economy itself. Players can buy and sell their NFT items with $TITA and then turn around and convert them to other cryptocurrencies as needed.


$TCOIN is another BEP20 token that is stored on the BSC. The token has the exact same uses as the in-game currency, but has no hard cap and can be stored indefinitely.

COIN is the unlimited in-game currency that players will earn from battles, events, and quests. The currency can then be used for in-game activities, upgrades, or converted to $TCOIN (with a small $TITA fee)

Free-to-play and Invest-to-earn

Titan Hunters is, first and foremost, a free-to-play mobile MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We want to develop a game that is absolutely accessible, almost without any entry barrier, so that everyone can enjoy it. This means that players do not need to have any prior knowledge regarding NFTs or blockchain, nor do they need to own any cryptocurrency to enter our World of Titan Hunters. Just like in any traditional game, players are only required to create an account, login and start playing.

Titan Hunters is perpetually free-to-play, you can enjoy the game for however long you want, but in addition to that, Titan Hunters offers you an irresistible possibility to make profits through the incorporation of NFT technology. There are three major ways in which you can benefit financially from playing Titan Hunters: minting and farming NFTs, and holding our native token $TITA.

While you may be familiar with the play-to-earn mechanism that was born with the rise of NFTs, “invest-to-earn” might be a relatively novel concept. In the World of Titan Hunters, Invest-to-earn simply means that you can invest a certain amount of $TITA to “mint” and “farm” NFTs on the assets that you already own. For instance, after a while of participating in the free-to-play game, you have a certain number of in-game assets, and you want to sell/ trade them for profit, or for other more upgraded items. You can do this by buying $TITA tokens and spending them on the minting/ farming process. Then, after your items have been turned into NFTs, you can freely trade them on the in-game marketplace, or any independent NFT marketplace.

On top of that, holding $TITA tokens gives both players and investors irresistible benefits. These tokens provide staking opportunities, governance, and voting rights, and even allow access to profit-sharing events. Utilizing $TITA allows everyone to take part in and reap the benefits of Titan Hunters continued growth.

In a nutshell, why Titan Hunters is the game for you

With a strong network to back it up, Titan Hunters is expected to take the whole NFT gaming world by storm. The universe is filled with new and exciting adventures, in which you can team up with your buddies to experience a rich world of beautifully crafted NFTs and addictive gameplay. And more importantly, Titan Hunters is designed for e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e:

  • For crypto users who seek not only fun but also strong economic incentives with safer investment, Titan Hunters requires zero fees to set up, provides a competitively attractive reward mechanism, and ensures high liquidity for the assets that you own.
  • For non-crypto users: the game is simple, fun, and addictive. As mentioned, there is virtually no entry barrier, which means you can just log in and play, like with any traditional game.
  • And especially, for Minecraft and Roblox fans who want to live in nostalgia with your digital childhood friends — Titan Hunters is the right place for you! Also, Titan Hunters will help to understand the crypto world, step by step to become a crypto player.

Titan Hunters is playable on multiple platforms (Mobile to PC), you can access the game anytime anywhere on any device that you want. Your fun won’t be interrupted!

So make sure to check out the World of Titan Hunters and join the new Invest to Earn revolution!

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