Titan Hunters are Evolving! A New Path to Success?

Titan Hunters are Evolving! A New Path to Success?

The gaming world is ready for the next revolution.

Yes, you read that right. Titan Hunters is not just an ordinary NFT game. It's far beyond that.

Our team is venturing into distant lands to bring the best new features and expand the Titan Hunters universe. The ultimate gaming experience is coming for you, the brave Hunters. Are you intrigued? Here are our goals for the future of Titan Hunters, so go and have a look!

Short-term Goal: Most Played NFT Game

The Titan Hunters army is growing, day by day, at an impressive pace. But our dream is more significant than becoming an established mobile game studio. We aspire to stand among the legends of the mobile game universe.  🍬 Candy Crush, ⚔️ Clash of Clans, 🐲 Pokémon Go, and possibly even Among Us ඞඞ? There are many ways for a gaming studio to grow and expand in this market, but first and foremost, we have to satisfy our user base.

With that said, we set out a major milestone for Titan Hunters - to become the most played GameFi title, surpassing even Axie Infinity (Maybe we should go “Infinity and Beyond”, hehe 😏). At this point, we are sure that we can smash the 1M checkpoint with ease. So, would you like to join us in this grand adventure 😁?

Mid-term Goal: GameFi Incubator

An Exclusive Ecosystem That Benefits TITA Holders

We’ve stated this before, but Titan Hunters actually expand further than a single stand-alone game. Imagine this: An entire multi-metaverse that spans multiple game titles and services. And the best of all? You can gain exclusive access to new games and receive incredible benefits if you are a TITA holder!

That’s the next stage of growth for Titan Hunters. We can and will make it a GameFi Incubator, incubating promising projects and video games that can ultimately reward the users and give them the enjoyment they have never imagined. If you have any ideas for your startups or already have mockups that you believe can change the gaming world for the better, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Long-term Goal: The Ultimate Gaming Metaverse

The gaming metaverse. It’s like space - A virtual universe in the palm of our hands. And it is full of undiscovered greatness waiting to be uncovered by you and us!

Our long-term goal is very ambitious, and it’s a pinnacle experience that we want to achieve and deliver to all of our customers. We want to create an Ultimate Gaming Metaverse by combining DeFi, NFT, and Virtual Reality. Titan Hunters will be our stepping stone, and we welcome everyone, including you, to join us!

There’s no doubt that DeFi and NFT can grow out of the current application. Decentralization and digital assets can benefit everyone, including investors and gamers alike. Technology like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will soon become an integral part of our daily lives, just like the inventions of the Internet and smartphones. In fact, one day, you can play Titan Hunters on your smart glasses! The possibility is simply limitless!


Whatever our plans for the future are, there’s one thing that we will never stray from. And that is, catering to the gamers' community desires, and making the most fantastic and enjoyable games that everyone can play!