Titan Hunters December Spotlight

Titan Hunters December Spotlight

Our monthly review is here, and this time December is on the list. So far, we have had a great run in terms of community growth, new events, and game development. In addition, we also have received many constructive criticisms that we have taken into consideration. With all that said, let’s look at how Titan Hunters has performed until now.

Community growth

“Depressed” December was full of emotions for all of us. However, we expected to continue our “November rally,” which had attracted more than 100% growth in all social media channels.

Despite the seemingly modest metric growth, we were thrilled that our community stayed strong and supported the Titan Hunters team. Hopefully, January will be more joyful for everyone. 😉

World Hunters League

2021’s grandiose event for Titan Hunters! More than 100.000 participants from all over the world have gathered in the blazing arena to fight for their countries. Only the best team with the highest total score could take the crown for this event.

  • 1st position: Thailand was indisputably the king during the entire event, without a single slip to the lower ranks. The team had shown great sportsmanship and proved to have an incredibly competitive gaming scheme. Vietnam and Argentina were not far behind in terms of performance. However, their efforts were not sufficient to take Thailand’s 1st place.
  • $25.000 in TITA: The total prize pool for the World Hunters League.
  • 102.000+ participants with 1.000 winners.

Alpha Launch

To incentivize the support of our community, we had separated the Alpha launch phase into three different rounds: KOLs, KOLs’ communities, and public rounds.

  • New features: Alpha version introduced Starting Area, Guns/Gears system, Elemental System, Summon/Craft System, and Adventure Mode (Copsewood).
  • 10 famous KOLs released high-quality products to talk about Titan Hunters’ Alpha version
  • 68.000+ players played the game

Many have found the game to be highly addictive, enjoyable, and stand out from the sea of NFT video games. We are tremendously happy with the result and the massive feedback that our community has provided during the span of the Alpha launch.

The Alpha Version contained the core features of Titan Hunters, and we are expecting to add more content and further polish the core game in the beta launch. So stay tuned for more announcements in the future!

Titan Hunters Christmas Giveaway

Titan Hunters team was fortunate to partner with Santa Claus during the Alpha Launch, despite his busy schedule delivering gifts for children worldwide. So we figured that our brave Hunters deserved some attention, too!

And that’s it for December summarization. 2021 has finally come to an end, with a bag of mixed feelings for everyone. The seemingly never-ending pandemic has caused significant disturbance to the whole world, and we hope that our little game can give people more joy during these trying times. So, let’s look forward to a brighter 2022!