Titan Hunters February Spotlight

Titan Hunters February Spotlight

Have you guys had a lot of fun in February? February has already passed by in a flash, and we are still working full-speed on Titan Hunters. We have made much progress and figured that now is the perfect time for us to share with you what we have in store for the future:

Game Update

Titan Hunters is about to make the next breakthrough in NFT gaming history! We essentially revamped the Play2Earn mechanism, making it more approachable and more rewarding with introducing the Monsters/Titans $TITA dropping system. In addition, we fixed most of the bugs in the Alpha Mobile version.

For the next Testnet update, we are ready to onboard new features. We are also building a brand new NFT Marketplace, so users can observe their NFTs in all of their glory (new NFTs coming soon, folks. Stay tuned).

Dev Diary Season 1 Concluded

The first season of Dev Diary had finally come to an end. The dev team put their heart and soul into each episode and hope that all of you love them as well as Titan Hunters. So, if you want to know Titan Hunters better, give our Dev Diary series a go!

Draw Your NFTs

We were tremendously lucky to witness our community’s talent in the Draw Your NFTs contest! So many new, weird, and adorable Hunter designs. If we could, we would convert all of them into NFTs.

Testnet Whitelisting

We opened Titan Hunters whitelisting for Testnet for 1000 lucky Hunters. The 1000 Hunters camp is ready to venture into the unknown!

Upcoming Events

  • Game on Testnet - New features, new world, and a new possibility to earn $TITA!
  • Game on Mainnet - The greatness is finally coming.
  • Gun/Gears NFT Sales NFT sale  - Snag’ em while they are cheap!
  • Marketplace - Truly a place for NFTs connoisseurs. Once we finish the MVP, we will open it immediately.


That’s it for the February Spotlight. We hope everyone has enjoyed the journey so far with Titan Hunters. Stay tuned, stay strong, and buckle up for a blazing adventure up ahead!

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