Titan Hunters IGO Recap

Titan Hunters IGO Recap

To all the brave Hunters out there,

We are proud to announce that our Initial Gaming Offering (IGO) for Titan Hunters was a stunning success!

Since the IGO on November 19th, Titan Hunters had achieved impressive feats in attracting new people and $TITA sales metrics. But, of course, we could not have this accomplishment without a joint effort by the Titan Hunters team, our KOLs, and most importantly, our fans from all around the globe!

Let us take you on tour and check what Titan Hunters has achieved in such a short amount of time!

Our journey — made friends along the way

Growing a robust community is vital to the project’s growth and success, showing how much our team cares about the audience.

In October, Titan Hunters captured people’s hearts with a festive atmosphere by holding the creative meme contest and best Hunter contests. In addition, we have constantly kept in touch with the public and provided timely updates on the projects and estimated times for the IGO.

In November, team Titan Hunters was bustling with the preparation operation for the upcoming IGO and TITA token listing. Fortunately, our effort was recognized by prominent names within the blockchain industry and the gaming space, such as:

  • Hatu Sheikh — Co-Founder and CMO of DAO Maker: With Hatu onboard Titan Hunters as an executive advisor, the project has gained widespread credibility and success following the strong holder offering (SHO) on DAO Maker.
  • Manu Terrones Godoy (KManuS88) — Professional gamer and content creator: With years of experience in the video game industry and blockchain technology, Manu has pitched personal opinions about promising NFT projects like Titan Hunters.

On November 19th, the team moved full-steam ahead with the IGO and listing announcements. $TITA token was launched on three leading platforms DAO Maker, GameFi, and Gate.io. In addition, the token listing had commenced on Pancakeswap, Gate.io, and MEXC.

Mind you, being occupied with five social media channels (e.g., Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Official Titan Hunters website) is not an easy task. Yet Titan Hunters managed to pull ahead of itself, made timely notice, and kept the audience satisfied.

Fruitful results — everyone is happy

Meticulous work gave us fruitful results. And great responsibility came with great outcomes.

Titan Hunters is incredibly fortunate to be blessed with attention from fans and followers. Here are some metrics for any curious people out there craving for real numbers:

Social Performance

  • Twitter: Over 100,000 followers.
  • Telegram: Over 70,000 members;
  • Facebook: Over 10,000 followers;
  • Medium: Over 11,000 followers;
  • Youtube: Over 3,600 subscribers
  • 100,00+ visitors last seven days
  • Users from 180 countries

It is rather interesting to know that Titan Hunters has attracted more than 99,000 Twitter followers in only 30 days (we seriously did not expect this to blow up so quickly). On the other hand, Twitter and Telegram are our front lines of operation, which attracted the most traffic. Therefore, the figures are naturally higher than other channels.

IGO Pool

  • Gate.io: 24M+ USD oversubscribed
  • DAO Maker: $84M+ USD (22M+ DAO) staked
  • GameFi: $50M+ USD (200k+ GAFI) staked

Many investors have discovered Titan Hunters as a potential candidate for the next big thing in the NFT gaming space. Hence, Titan Hunters IGO was a massive success as we have accumulated $150M+ from three different launchpads, Gate.io, DAO Maker, and GameFi.

$TITA price monitoring

  • All-time high: 42x from IDO price
  • 24h volume: $30M+ USD (Coinmarketcap.com)
  • Number 1 trending on DEXTools.io
  • Number 5 most visited on CryptoRank
  • And 12,000+ $TITA holders

Nothing is tenser than watching your lifetime project taking its first step into the big sea. But after almost 24 hours, we could confidently say that Titan Hunters has successfully taken off to the sky. So, to the moon, we go! 🚀🚀

A plan for the future

After a day of an emotional roller coaster, we would like to offer our sincerest gratitude for your support of the project during its early stage. There is no doubt that your passion and advocacy have driven us to today.

Despite the recent success, Titan Hunters has not settled yet and will soon be announcing new updates. $TITA staking, Ambassador program, and Titan Hunters Alpha Launch are what our fellow readers can expect soon.

Stay tuned to our official social channels for more updates!

More information about Titan Hunters:

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