Titan Hunters May Spotlight

Titan Hunters May Spotlight

5️⃣ May is finally saying goodbye to us… What a month! Shall we take a look back at what Titan Hunters achieved last month? There are many things worth discussing, such as Titan Hunters’ increasing presence in Japan and Vietnam, and the number of downloads. Hunters, you have to check out the news! 👇👇

Community Growth - Discord Taking the Lead?

Our Discord reorganization was a success! After making changes to the administration process and power, we have finally and properly learned to operate the Discord group the right way. Many perks, levels, rules, and brand new channels have been added to the group, allowing community members to discuss many topics at once freely and admins/mods to oversee things and respond to members’ requests on time. We also significantly pushed community management in many local Telegram groups. The results are positive!

Acknowledgment - The P2E Phenomenon in Japan!

Continuing the hype train from the last month, Titan Hunters made extensive breakthroughs in the Japanese market. So far, the game has been featured in more than 50 Japanese news outlets, made it to the top 3 in the Free Apps category in Japan, and become one of the trendiest topics discussed on Twitter Japan.

Back in its homeland - Vietnam, Titan Hunters has also made significant progress in convincing the local people how great the game is. The first milestone was Titan Hunters being featured in VnExpress and VietNamNet News - two of the most prestigious traditional news outlets in Vietnam followed by millions of monthly readers. The second milestone was even more incredible than the first! The Vietnamese Blockchain Association, a technological summit for the most remarkable people and groups working in the blockchain field, will feature Titan Hunters as a prime example of blockchain application in its next major meeting.

Acknowledgment Final Stats:

  • Japan: +100 Respekt score
  • Vietnam: + 100 Respekt score

Game Update - 500,000 Hunters Mark Imminent!

What else can we say about this one? We set the goal to reach 1 Million Downloads, and we are already halfway there!

Download Count: 460,000+

Events - Stronger and Healthier Hunters!

Keep the events going! We bet you guys are having so much fun playing and participating in the many different activities!

With the record growth of the Titan Hunters Discord channel, we also recorded the highest number of participants ever in Discord contests - more than 3400. Various Minigames pushed the figure even higher, to 5500 participants!

This month also marked the newest collaboration between Titan Hunters and SportE, an up-and-coming Move2Earn application that promotes rewarding and healthy physical activities. Titan Hunters offered 500 SportE NFT whitelist slots exclusively for the Hunters to celebrate this partnership. Guess what? 2200 people have registered for the whitelist opportunities! That’s a huge achievement!


What? The crypto market is tumbling? No worries, Hunters! We were born in it, molded by it. Whatever happens, Titan Hunters will move forward. Stay tuned for more updates!