Titan Hunters Statue NFT sale is here!

Titan Hunters Statue NFT sale is here!

Hello courageous Hunters!

As promised, our long-awaited NFT sale is here! Get your hands on our limited Statue NFTs before they are gone. Let’s remember that there won’t be any next Statue NFT sale until Titan Hunters achieve 1M players. So please, don’t miss this chance !!!

1. What are Titan Hunters Statue NFTs?

Titan Hunters Statue NFTs are our first available NFTs collection for purchase on our website shortly. There are 3 types of Statue NFTs with different rarity levels: Common < Rare < Elite. The rarer the Statue NFTs, the more exquisite the design it has. In addition, the Statue NFTs will provide a greater passive stat bonus to your in-game characters.

2. Benefits of Statue NFTs?

  • Bountiful daily rewards: Reward yourself with a handful of in-game resources at the Statue every day!
  • An in-game decoration: In Titan Hunters, these NFTs are decorative statues. You can place them in your home base and admire the mighty still-standing Hunters for eternity.
  • Boosting character’s power: If you have one NFT statue placed in your home base, your character will receive a RANDOM STAT INCREASE (Power, Agility, HP, Defend, Critical Rate, Critical Damage) according to the NFT’s rarity.  This power boost is PERMANENT in Titan Hunters.
  • A store of value: Given the scarcity and utility of the NFT statues, the demand will be extremely high. Later on, players can trade their NFTs on the Marketplace and profit from such action.
  • Stylish profile picture: Feeling prideful as a Hunter and wanting to spread awareness? You can be a part of our community by using our NFTs as your profile pictures on any social media! “PFP” here means the NFT can function as a profile picture.

3. How to open and sell?

- Players can hold and stake TITA to receive early access (Whitelist Pool) to buy Statue NFTs or participate in First Come First Served (FCFS) competition in the Public Pool.

3.1. Public Pool:
+ Only 500 Statue NFTs are for sale in each round so a total of 3,000 Statue NFTs are available for the FCFS participants.

3.2. Whitelist Pool:
+ Open to only a few people who possess tickets

+ Each participant is only capable of purchasing a maximum of three Statue NFTs (regardless of rarity level)

3.2.1. What are Tickets?

- Tickets are used to give you guaranteed slots to buy Statue NFTs

- Each user can possess 3 Tickets in maximum

- User can use 1 Ticket to purchase 1 Statue NFT regardless of its rarity level and at any time in 3 days when Statue NFTs are on sale

3.2.2. Collection formula

Tickets = (TITA hold + TITA stake) x (Hold Time) / 40,000

- Tickets: the number of Tickets you receive after 10 days

- TITA hold: the total number of TITA you have in your BEP-20 address

- TITA stake: the total number of TITA you lock in Titan Hunters staking vaults

- Hold time: the number of days you hold or stake TITA

🔸 Example:

Hold 2,000 $TITA and stake 2,000 $TITA in 10 day -> Receive (2,000 + 2,000) * 10 / 40,000 = 1 Ticket to buy 1 NFT Statue

Hold 2,000 TITA in 5 days and hold 6,000 TITA after buying 4,000 TITA more in the next 5 days -> Receive (2,000 * 5 + 6,000 * 5) / 40,000 = 1 Ticket


  • You can hold or stake more TITA to minimize the number of days you hold or stake TITA. For example, you hold or stake 40,000 TITA within 3 days. You will possess 3 Tickets.
  • If your Ticket number is a decimal, round it down to the previous whole number, for example, 1,6 Ticket = 1 Ticket.

4. Titan Hunters Statue NFT Sale detail

4.1. Time

  • Time to earn Tickets: 2 AM UTC, Jan 15 to 2 AM UTC, Jan 24 ( up to 10 days)
  • Selling time: 2 PM UTC Jan 24 to 2 AM UTC Jan 27 ( in 3 days) with two rounds of NFT sales each day that starts at 2 A.M UTC and 2 P.M UTC ( 6 rounds in total )
  • Snapshot time: once a day from 2 AM UTC, Jan 15 to 2 AM UTC, Jan 24

4.2. Total quantity of Statue NFTs for the public pool

  • Common Statue: 1800
  • Rare Statue: 900
  • Elite Statue: 300

4.3. Statue NFTs prices

  • Common Statue: 100 BUSD worth of **TITA
  • Rare Statue: 200 BUSD worth of **TITA
  • Elite Statue: 500 BUSD

*Important note: Common and Rare NFTs must be bought in TITA. Elite Statue NFTs must be bought in BUSD. The required number of TITA tokens depends on the price of TITA when you purchase Statue NFTs.

🙌 Please visit our brand-new statue NFTs sale: https://nft.titanhunters.io/ to keep yourself updated !!! 🥰