Howdy, our Hunters! It must have been a busy week for either players and our team since the launch of the Mainnet Version. However, we never want to slow down but intend to keep pushing forward in order to bring the finest experience to our passionate users. Today, we are thrilled to announce a special program called the Game Guild Registration Program. Do not worry, we will not keep you here for any longer. Let us go through all the intriguing facts regarding this program.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to introduce the concept of NFT ownership to traditional mobile gamers; and to convert non-crypto users to crypto users. Through this program, Titan Hunters targets to onboard as many users as possible from the traditional mobile game audience to build the biggest community in the world of NFT games. In fact, Titan Hunters are on the way to acquire ONE MILLION players. This Registration Program is one of our strategies to achieve such an ambitious goal.


Registered Guilds may have new approaches to strengthen their community with our support. For example, we can organize special campaigns such as an airdrop with up to 1 million TITA for scholars or a mini game to play and receive an airdrop NFT bonus. By registering the Registration Program, Game Guilds will also have an opportunity to acquire more members for themselves from millions of Titan Hunters players. Titan Hunters is developing a specialized tool for Titan Hunters users to apply to any Guild they prefer.

Prerequisites & Requirements

To participate the Registration Program, Game Guilds must commit to following prerequisites:

  1. Twitter Description: Game Guilds have to include @Titan_Hunters on their Twitter description.
  2. Website Featuring: Game Guilds have to feature Titan Hunters as a partner on their websites.

In addition, it is compulsory for Game Guilds to meet requirements as follows:

  1. Guilds must have at least 4,000 members
  2. Guilds have to stick to our Committed Monthly Activities

Committed Monthly Activities for Guilds

Registered Game Guilds are to practice promotional activities suggested by the Titan Hunters team. On one hand, these activities are expected to help Titan Hunters to reach eager players who are not familiar with the concept of NFT game and, consequently, convert them into crypto-heads. On the other hand, non-crypto players are likely to start exploring the wonderful NFT world by joining a particular Game Guild. At the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for players, Guilds’ scholars and Titan Hunters.

According to our plan, the Committed Monthly Activities for Guilds will be deployed as follows:


If you have any questions or proposals regarding this program, please kindly contact our Business Development Manager via email [email protected]

What do you think about this Registration Program for Game Guilds? Just rush to the Registration Form as soon as possible to further expand and reinforce your Guilds!