Time flies quickly when we’re having fun. It’s time for our September spotlight!

September is a month of achievements and joy! We pulled off the show at Tokyo Game Show 2022 and had fun with 20 KOLs at a Private Party in Japan. Our Discord Event “Capture It” received 390 submissions in only one week. The airdrop co-organized with our friend GameFi.org also attracted a lot of participants with 300 USD of reward for Titan Hunters Team. The newly released world Luminous posed real challenges to Hunters. The reward for Investor Rank Season 3 is finished and one should stay calm until the next season.

That’s the short brief, guys! Now, let’s dig into the details in this article.


If you have followed us for long enough, you might have heard of our success at Tokyo Game Show 2022. That was a great stop for us in the journey to bring Titan Hunters to the world. “What did you achieve?”, one may ask. Frankly said, a lot! Let’s check it out now!

  • 32,000 visitors have come to our Booth
  • 160 businesses reached us for further discussion.
  • 4,200 new downloads were acquired during four days of TGS
  • 12 international outlets featured Titan Hunters on their latest release.
  • More than 250 times was Titan Hunters mentioned on Twitter.

To wrap up this event, we would like to say thank you to our users and KOLs/Ambassadors for always supporting Titan Hunters. Hope we will keep working and making great achievements together.


The Private Party between the Titan Hunters Team and 20 Japanese KOLs/Ambassadors was successfully held on September 14. We were so happy to get to know more about our target audience in Japan. The party also strengthened the relationship between us and the Japanese community.


When you play the game, bullets from the gun and special skills, their colors when mixed together will create very beautiful moments. As expected, our Discord "Gallery" room was bombarded with 390 spectacular screenshots in just one week. The event finally found 5 lucky winners, who would be rewarded with 10,000 $TITA.


The airdrop was exclusively made for Titan Hunters users on the occasion of GameFi’s anniversary. The rewards of 300 BUSD found their way to 10 Hunters.


The Luminous, shone by blinding lights, is filled with extremely formidable species of Titan! They are vicious and unstoppable, posing a real threat even for experienced Hunters. Check out Luminous now and face them in epic battles!

Besides, the reward pool for Investor Rank Season 3 winners was opened on September 6. Looks like our winners were very satisfied with the new NFT: The Throwing Stars!

Thank you all for joining Titan Hunters Squad with us. One year has passed so quickly because we’ve been doing the greatest things together. We will stay here to bring you the finest experiences in Titan Hunters. Hope we can make such experiences richer and richer in the future. See you again in November!

About Titan Hunters

Titan Hunters is a mobile game that combines NFT features and the MMORPG genre with eye-catching pixelated graphics. The game, developed by game studio Topebox and incubated by Rikkei Capital, was released on March 31 on App Store and Google Play. In just 3 months, Titan Hunters has achieved its first success: 500,000 downloads and over 100,000 active players daily. The game has also got hyped to the moon in the Japanese market: Ranked 3rd in Japan's App Store, went viral on Twitter Japan and appeared in 50+ prominent Japanese newspapers. In mid-May 2022, Titan Hunters officially became a GameFi incubator, taking an evolutionary step to build a massive blockchain ecosystem. In September 2022, the project attended Tokyo Game Show 2022, moving closer to mass blockchain adoption.