Titan Hunters version 1.1.2 is Here!

Titan Hunters version 1.1.2 is Here!

The last season introduced the CEO Titan Slayer and the improved Ladder Reward System. But can you guess what’s next?

Titan Hunters version 1.1.2 is here, and it’s bringing new content and fixes to the game. What's new in this version?

Game Optimization

The game has been optimized for low-end devices. Also, you will find a new graphical setting in the menu, in which you can switch between Low/Medium/Ultra preset. The lower the preset, the more framerates you will get. The higher the setting, the more beautiful the world of Titan Hunters becomes.

Investor Rank Season 3

Titan Hunters will reward 1.000.000 $TITA tokens for the top 500 Hunters on the Investor Rank leaderboard.

Mega CEO Boss

The CEO is back, and now he is…bigger?

Is he seeking revenge? Or does he want to teach us a lesson? No one knows. Let's prepare to face the MEGA CEO BOSS. 👑

New Charm: Throwing Stars

The new NFT Charm - Throwing Stars will be available as a reward in Investor Rank this season, replacing the Automated Turret in the last season.

Using the Throwing Stars will release 19 purple, dart-like projectiles and fly toward the nearest target. Upon reaching the target, the projectiles will anchor and continuously deal damage. The projectiles will explode after 4 seconds, dealing additional damage.

The remaining projectiles will seek the next target if the current target is eliminated.

Is that all for this update?

For now, yes. In the next few weeks (possibly months), we will be planning new updates for what we discussed in the last AMA. In addition, the long-awaited NFT Marketplace is still under construction and will be glorious once finished.

Note: If the game does not update itself, check the App Store/Play Store. Find Titan Hunters and the update option will show. Contact us in the Telegram community chat or the Discord general channel if it still does not work.

Looking to download the game? Choose your preferred option below:

🤖 Android:https://bit.ly/3srf5yO

🍎 IOS: https://apple.co/3w0XdNr