Welcome New Guild: Japan Gaming Guild

Welcome New Guild: Japan Gaming Guild

We are overjoyed to onboard Japan Gaming Guild (JGG) as the second guild of Titan Hunters. This partnership is expected to bring more opportunities of development to our projects in Japan and around the globe.

JGG is one of our major forces for community development. Players can apply to become a scholar and start playing Titan Hunters easily. JGG can also gather those with the same interest in the game and build an active community, contributing to the already large community of Titan Hunters. Other than that, JGG will support Titan Hunters in marketing activities and help Titan Hunter connect with its extensive KOL network in Japan and around the world.

We strongly believe Titan Hunters will gain several accomplishments in the future with the support of Japan Gaming Guild.

🎆 About Japan Gaming Guild (JGG)

Japan Gaming Guild is a community dedicated to blockchain games (BCG) and GameFi, established with the aim of becoming one of the largest gaming guilds in Japan. We will provide high quality information on the many upcoming releases of BCG and GameFi. We also offer scholarship matching to meet the high needs of the modern era.

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📍 About Titan Hunters

Titan Hunters is a mobile game that combines NFT features and the MMORPG genre with eye-catching pixelated graphics. The game, developed by game studio Topebox and incubated by Rikkei Capital, was released on March 31 on App Store and Google Play. In just one month, Titan Hunters has achieved its first success: 200,000 downloads and almost 70,000 active players everyday. The game has also got hyped to the moon in the Japanese market: Ranked 3rd in Japan’s App Store, went viral on Twitter Japan and appeared in 50+ big Japanese newspapers. In mid-May, Titan Hunters officially became a GameFi incubator, taking an evolutionary step to build a massive blockchain ecosystem in near future.

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