We are honored to officially onboard Sakura Guild Games (SGG) as the first guild of Titan Hunters. This handshake will help Titan Hunters reach more and more people all over Japan and convert them into real Hunters!

As a guild, SGG will play a big role in developing our community with its massive pool of players and scholars. SGG can become a medium to connect users with the same interest in the game, guide them step by step to become active users and support users in playing Titan Hunters. Besides, SGG will assist Titan Hunters in some marketing activities and connect Titan Hunters with their KOL network as well.

We are confident that Titan Hunters will rocket to the moon with SGG’s immense support!

About Sakura Guild Games (SGG)

Sakura Guild Games is a Singapore-based guild and a member of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) and four other major associations around the world. SGG operates with the vision of "making people's smiles bloom around the world through guilds". Since December 2021, they have been operating a scholarship system as a certified guild for "Job Tribes", a game title released by Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. In April 2022, the company announced plans to join "Gensokishi Online - META WORLD" as the first official guild of "Gensokishi Online". And in May, they announced their entry into "PolkaFantasy" as a Legendary Guild.

As of March 31, 2022, Sakura Guild Games have rented NFTs as an Official Guild of "JobTribes" to approximately 1,500 scholars, which is the largest number of NFTs rented among any other "JobTribes" guilds, and they have received approximately 7,000 requests to join their guild.

Sakura Guild Games will continue to expand their partnership with GameFi, while increasing the quantity of rented NFTs and decks, as well as further expanding their marketing support business, and contribute to the expansion and development of the Web3 industry while helping more people embody the concept of "Play and Earn”.

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About Titan Hunters

Titan Hunters is a mobile game that combines NFT features and the MMORPG genre with eye-catching pixelated graphics. The game, developed by game studio Topebox and incubated by Rikkei Capital, was released on March 31 on App Store and Google Play. In just one month, Titan Hunters has achieved its first success: 200,000 downloads and almost 70,000 active players everyday. The game has also got hyped to the moon in the Japanese market: Ranked 3rd in Japan’s App Store, went viral on Twitter Japan and appeared in 50+ big Japanese newspapers. In mid-May, Titan Hunters officially became a GameFi incubator, taking an evolutionary step to build a massive blockchain ecosystem in near future.

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