What makes $TITA undervalued?

What makes $TITA undervalued?

Being in the crypto market for several years, or even just a few months, will be a thrilling experience for all investors. Of course, the crypto market is notorious for the volatility in token prices, and we are pretty much familiar with the stereotypical “buy high, sell low” mindset. But that is true for all types of speculative assets: Gold, stocks, real estate, etc. The bubble will always pop at one point or another.

What brought us to this point?

“To The Moon” Experience

Titan Hunters is one of our first crypto gaming projects that we are dedicating the majority of human resources to development. Last November, we were thrilled when our token $TITA was first listed on Gate.io and PancakeSwap. Watching the line go up was an amazing experience, and we also thought that Titan Hunters was “going to the moon.” Did it? Probably. $TITA reaching nearly 60 cents was a catalyst moment for all of us.

The Bitcoin “Meltdown”

But as we said (and having experienced firsthand) before, everything that goes up must come down at some point. $TITA quickly dived into the low 20 cents in the following weeks. During that time, there was another outside force that we weren’t aware of in the first place: the macroeconomy. Bitcoin showed some signs of weakness, and the entire crypto market plunged. But we didn’t stop. Game development continued as usual, and we managed to release Titan Hunters Alpha, Beta, and the Mainnet versions.

Adapt and Persist

In the following months, the worldwide situation got worse. Rising inflation, wars, and price gouging became the topics of conversation. As a result, people are steering away from speculative assets more and more. Despite our relentless effort and new strategies, the $TITA price kept going down, together with the crypto market.

The situation sounds grim, right?

Then, we are here to tell you that everything is going to be okay.

Evaluating Titan Hunters' strength

Undervalued token paves the way for sustainable growth

There is an unspoken perk when the token price of a project is below a certain threshold: Freedom of choice. Crypto project managers will have a greater range of options when it comes to marketing plans and game development paths. Game developers can freely experiment with new features and upgrade tokenomics without worrying about the negative token price effect.

$TITA, at this moment, is undoubtedly in an ideal position for Titan Hunters to expand and head towards sustainable growth.

Reasonable price, low entry

It is the best time to invest and get some NFTs in Titan Hunters now, especially since the $TITA price in USD equivalent is low enough.

$TITA being undervalued makes things much easier to manage and stabilize regardless of the crypto market price action. New users of Titan Hunters will see the game in a good and sustainable state and will be more willing to invest in the game.

A price below average allows companies, in this case, Titan Hunters, to gain market share by attracting new customers who spread the word about the offering and enticing customers away from competitors. The goal is to rapidly penetrate the market — then eventually raise prices without losing those early adopters. Simply put, if an investor decides to enter Titan Hunters now, they will have a much higher earning possibility later on when the token value goes up.

There’s a saying in the crypto community: The bull markets make you feel good, but bear markets will make you rich. If getting rich is your choice, then all that is left is to take action.

Stay true to the root

Titan Hunters’ promise remains the same from the start: A mobile game that is free, fun, and easy to play. We don’t lock newcomers to a single option. There will always be a free-to-play choice and an invest-to-earn opportunity. So whenever things go a bit stressful in our lives, we can always fire up Titan Hunters and have some fun shooting monsters and Titans.

The next chapter

We are pushing (really, really hard) Titan Hunters to the more developed countries, namely Japan. So you might see many of our Twitter posts talking about Japanese-related partnerships and events. And indeed, that’s our marketing department at work! After Japan, we can proceed to penetrate other countries like the US, Germany, Russia, etc.

Our presence at the Tokyo Game Show stirred a wave of hype, and we believe there would be new opportunities to look forward to. Will $TITA price increase by then? Many readers probably share the same question.

We can assure you that not only $TITA but the entire Titan Hunters ecosystem will thrive thanks to new business deals. Of course, it’s a long shot, but we dare to push our development to the limit.