Titan Hunters version 1.1.3 is here, and it’s bringing new content and fixes to the game. What's new in this version?

New Word: Luminous - World of the Light

The Luminous is shone by blinding lights and colorful landscapes. But don’t let it trick you! It is filled with a new type of Titan. They are much more vicious and formidable than ever before! This is never a land for the amateurs but for the true Hunters!

New Word: Luminous includes 35 stages in total. In each stage present herds of Titan which violently attack the Hunters in a way you will never think of. You need to adapt quickly to their movements and fighting styles. Unprepared and unskillful attempts will only result in death! That’s why Luminous will become a challenge even for the most experienced Hunters.

Let’s prepare yourselves with the most powerful NFT Gears in your inventory, approach the Luminous carefully and always watch your steps! Try to survive to the end and the rewards will never disappoint you!

Fix emulator issues

Titan Hunters Patch 1.1.3 has been fixed to work better with emulator apps. Now you can experience Titan Hunters on your computer as seamlessly as on your smartphone. Just update to the latest version to see how Titan Hunters appears beautifully and smoothly on your preferred device!

Fix bugs

We have successfully got rid of certain bugs and errors which you previously might have faced. No crash! No lag! No glitch! All is done to ensure the user's experience! Try it now by updating the latest version of Titan Hunters!

Is that all for this update?

In the meantime, yes! We focus all our resources on enhancing the app's quality and user experience. This is the time to check out the finest version of Titan Hunters ever!

Looking to download the game? Choose your preferred option below:

🤖 Android: https://bit.ly/3srf5yO

🍎 IOS: https://apple.co/3w0XdNr