What's new in the Mobile Alpha Version?

What's new in the Mobile Alpha Version?

The Alpha Version is about to arrive on Android and iOS, and here’s a little sneak peek at the new features in this version. Yes, you heard that right, this version has a few more features added on top of the Alpha version on desktop. We hope that this update can satisfy everyone who plays on mobile and we are thrilled to hear your feedback!

Download link:
IOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/XkTwED5K
Android: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/topebox.games.titanhunters

Adventure Mode: World 2

An ocean-themed biome? What’s brewing behind the mystical facade in this place?

First thing first, we have added a second world for Adventure Mode. You may notice the purple and blue color palette, so yes, it’s going to be a Water and Plant-based dungeon (70% of the monsters have a Water attribute while the rest has a Plant attribute).

Second, the number of levels has increased to 50, and the dungeon difficulty is greater as well. Some communities have responded that the first world (Copsewood) was too easy, so we bumped the difficulty more for this one.

Last but not least, you can now save the game progress! You won’t lose your progression once you log out of the game (even if the player logs out in a dungeon, rewards are still applicable). Various bug fixes have been implemented, notably the game-crashing TNT at Level 18-19 in Copsewood.

Hunter Rank

Hunter Rank is the newest feature added to this update that promotes friendly competition among the Hunters. The goal is simple: earn as many trophies as possible by playing Adventure Mode.

Upon finishing a level in a dungeon, players will receive a certain amount of trophies (displayed on the left side of the screen).

As you earn trophies, your Hunter Rank will slowly raise and increase in level. Once you level up, you will receive some COIN, gems, and a permanent stat increase (e.g., +2HP).

Upgrade and Fusion

"Knowledge is power"

Damage dealt feels a bit lackluster? Not taking down enemies fast enough? Then the Upgrade and Fusion system is here for you.

To Upgrade, go to the storage camp, open your inventory, choose your desired equipment, and click the green upgrade button. Make sure to have enough Coin. Each time you Upgrade, the equipment level will increase by 1.

Fusion Pre-requisite: Items must be at MAX Level (20/20)

To Fusion, follow the similar steps to Upgrade, and click the purple Fusion button to the left of Upgrade. The following screen will appear: You will see your chosen equipment on the top square. Fill the empty squares below with items of the same type (i.e., all backpacks or all grenade launchers) and rarity (i.e., Common).

Please keep in mind that the rarer the equipment at the top square, the more items of the same rarity you need to use fusion. Fusion will increase the rarity of the chosen item to the next tier (i.e., Common => Rare).

Another thing that you should know: If you are fusing non-NFT items: Make sure to have enough Coin.

Click Fusion. Here’s an example of a successful Fusion attempt.


That's all it is for this update, folks. In the next update, we will be focusing on the quality of life changes and possibly add another Adventure mode world. If you are interested, follow our social media channels for more information and future events coming soon.