What's new in Titan Hunters version 1.1.1?

What's new in Titan Hunters version 1.1.1?

The World is shaking in the presence of a new challenger… Who could that be?

Our newest update will bring a breath of fresh air to what we have seen so far in Titan Hunters, with the brand new Arena Boss mode and an overhauled Investor Rank season.

Investor Rank - Season 2

In the previous versions, we felt that the rewards for our investors were insufficient, and the withdrawal process was slow. In the 1.1.1 version, the rewards, $TITA in particular, have increased by a significant margin. The withdrawal process was also improved to the point that you can now get your rewards immediately in your wallet.

What’s more:

  • Rewards: 1.000.000 $TITA + Rapid-fire Turret NFTs
  • Investor Rank reset time: Weekly
  • Immediate rewards withdrawal
  • Zero-durability NFTs are still eligible for Investor Rank

Interested? This is not the only surprise! Get ready for the main event:

Arena Boss Mode - Welcome, CEO Titan Slayer

A brand new game mode. For the bravest Hunters out there.

In this Arena, players can fight one-on-one with exclusive bosses with a chance to earn tons of rewards. The participation rule is similar to Investor Rank: The Hunters simply need a few pieces of NFT Guns or Gears, equip them, and they are ready to go. The more NFTs, the more medals they can earn from the bosses.

The star in this season is non-other than our beloved CEO Titan Slayer. The man, the myth, the legend! He must be the reason behind all those money bags behind him, right? And it’s your task to take them back 😁.

📚 Guideline

Every day, each Hunter can receive three free tickets to enter the Arena Boss challenge. Each run should cost one ticket, and additional tickets can be bought with gems. The price of Gem will be reset at a specific time

Also, depending on your Hunter Rank, the level of the Arena Boss will adjust accordingly.

Hunter Rank 1 - 13 → Boss no.1
Hunter Rank 14-34 →  Boss no.1 or no.2 (randomly)
Hunter Rank 35-50 → Boss no.1 / no.2 / no.3 (randomly)
Hunter Rank >= 51 →  Boss no.1 / no.2 / no.3 / no.4 (randomly)

Note: You will still be rewarded if your game crashes in the middle of the fight. Furthermore, if the time limit is over as well, rewards will still be available.

Ladder Rewards System Update

This is a minor adjustment to the existing Ladder Rewards System. Reward chests will be claimed after finishing the level when the result screens show up. This change should remove the waiting time for treasure chests to appear after clearing out a boss stage.

In addition, after clearing out a World or getting a game over, the Hunter can only receive chest rewards based on the highest achieved round in that world.

Here's the rule for receiving chest rewards:
Hunter Rank 1 - 13  --> Chest world 1
Hunter Rank 14-34 --> Chest World 2
Hunter Rank 35-50 --> Chest World 3
Hunter Rank >= 51 --> Chest world 4

Note: When a new World is unlocked, you will lose access to the old world's rewards chests.

In Summary

Version 1.1.1 gives you:

📌 Investor Rank Season 2: Improved rewards and withdrawal system

📌 CEO Titan Slayer Mode: Your scariest nightmare is here.

📌 Ladder Rewards tweak: The reward chest will be claimed after finishing the level